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Simon Munnery as 'Alan Parker Urban Warrior' on Viva Cabaret, 1993
Another bit of vintage Munnery, this from the short lived c4 series 'Viva Cabaret', which ran from 1993 to, er, 1993.


Alan Parker - Blue Shadow


Face to Face - Alan Parker (1997)
An interview with director Alan Parker by Jeremy Isaacs. Broadcast date: 4 February 1997.


Cannes Moments: Sir Alan Parker On Turning Down Harry Potter
Bugsy Malone Director Sir Alan Parker tells the story of when he passed on the chance to direct the first Harry Potter film and explains why he thinks its production designer, Stuart Craig,...


Alan Walker - Faded
Listen to ”Faded” on Spotify: Listen to ”Faded” via other plattforms: Merch available at ...


Sir Alan Parker and Lord David Puttnam Unplugged | BFI
Director and cartoonist Sir Alan Parker and producer Lord David Puttnam reflect on their many collaborations, including Bugsy Malone (1976) and Midnight Express (1978). They look back on their...


Alan Walker - Alone
Listen to ”Alone” on Spotify: Listen to ”Alone” via other plattforms: Merch available at


Alan Parker - Children & Lace (Chiffon & Lace) 1974
Beautiful mellow theme.


Alan Walker - The Spectre
Hope you guys like this track - it's a remake of the instrumental ”Spectre” that I released a few years ago. Some of you might recognize it as it's been part of my live shows lately....


Mickey Rourke, Alan Parker & Lisa Bonet talk about ANGEL HEART in 15-minute 1987 interview


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