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Babylon 5 - The Shadows pt. 1
This is why I fell in love with Babylon 5! :-D The Shadows...... :-O For legal reasons I do not own any of the edited clips and no copyright infringement is intended.


Another episode of Why _ is Awesome. This time we look at the 90s Space Opera Epic Babylon 5. Twitter: Facebook: Have...


Sheridan's Duty : Agamemnon's Last Charge (Babylon 5)
Last moments during the conflict against Clark's forces on Earth. Before Killing himself Clark turned Earth's automated defenses back on Earth to carry out a "Scorched Earth" Policy. From...


Minbari Federation | Babylon 5
The Minbari are a people with many secrets. While it is said they rarely lie, they also never tell anyone the whole truth. The Templin Institute. New episodes every week.


Top 10 Babylon 5 Episodes
I've looked at the best of Star Trek, so now lets delve deeper into Babylon 5. These are the Top 10 Babylon 5 Episodes...ish. PATREON: https;// TWITTER:


Space City Con Winter 2014 - Babylon 5 Cast Reunion
A rare reunion with many of the cast members of Babylon 5. Remember your favorite moments and characters with the actors who brought them to life. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and leave a comment!...


Babylon 5 vs Earth Alliance
This is a Scene from Season 3, Episode 10. Babylon 5 will fight vs the Earth Alliance.


Babylon 5 - All Intros


Babylon 5 In The Beginning
This was my tribute film to the best of the Babylon 5 TV Movies. It was made to showcase the events of the series. Music in this video are John Williams "Battle of the Heroes" from the Star...


Sleeping In Light - last 5 minutes of Babylon 5
This is probably the best series finale ever.


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