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We're All Jealous of Wes' Skating Skills | Dancing on Ice 2019
We WISH we could skate as well as Wes! He showed off his enviable abilities in Week 7 with some beautiful moves, all to the sound of a totes emosh Labrinth ...


A Week in the Life of Karen and Dan | Dancing on Ice 2019
Head coach Karen Barber and Associate Creative Director Dan Whiston are key to making each and every skate come to life every weekend. But what do their ...


Wes Nelson and Vanessa Bauer skating in Dancing on Ice (17/2/19)


Gemma Collins Channels Celine Despite Fall for Week 4 | Dancing on Ice 2019
A far cry from her sassy skates of the past, Gemma's gone all serious on us with this atmospheric routine. It's moody, it's mysterious and it all starts with a cape.


Watch Our Heroic Pros' Most EPIC Skate Yet | Dancing On Ice 2019
They've gotta be bold and they've gotta be strong and they've gotta be great on the ice! Now that sounds like our professional skaters, doesn't it? Hit play and ...


We Belieb in Wes' Routine | Dancing On Ice 2019
Is it hot in here, or is it just us? Forget that frozen feeling - Wes melted the ice as he brought a slice of island life to Week 6, making it feel like the height of July ...


Saara's Causing Trouble in Week 7! | Dancing on Ice 2019
Anything can happen as we get closer to the Final - take, for example, Hamish playing a prison guard, chasing a speedy Saara across the ice as she escapes ...


We're Catching Feels From James' Skate! | Dancing On Ice 2019
We didn't think he could top his Fairytales Week routine, but James definitely outdid himself with this heartfelt skate. Believe us, it's going to hit you with aaall the ...


Gemma's a Survivor! | Dancing On Ice 2019
She's a survivor, she's not gonna give up, she's not gonna stop, she's gonna work harder! The GC put plenty of power into her latest skate as she fought for her ...


Peter Pan Does the Headbanger... Oh Wait, It's Wes! | Dancing on Ice 2019
Well that's something we never thought we'd see on Dancing on Ice! But as it's Fairytales Week, weird and wonderful things can happen - like Wes and Vanessa ...


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