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Confirmed! Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond
'Logan Lucky' star Daniel Craig saved a big announcement for his appearance on the Late Show. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: ...


Daniel Craig Confirms James Bond 25 Return
Mr. Bond, we were expecting you. Read more - For more awesome ...


Last night on the Late Show, Daniel Craig revealed he will, in fact, be returning for one more BOND film! John & Jaby Koay share their thoughts. Follow Jaby on ...


Daniel Craig confirms he will make another James Bond on Colbert Show
Stephen Colbert gets Daniel Craig to finally confirm that he will make another James Bond movie. This is a compilation of the promos before the show officially ...


Daniel Craig Interview on Parkinson
Daniel Craig (007) being interviewed after his first James Bond movie.


LOGAN LUCKY Official Trailer (2017) Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum Comedy Movie HD
LOGAN LUCKY Official Trailer (2017) Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum Comedy Movie HD SUBSCRIBE for more Movie Trailers HERE: ...


Daniel Craig: "I think this is it." by sonofthebronx The Late Show With Stephen Colbert CBS


Daniel Craig Reveals A Mind-Blowing Scene From "Spectre"
Stephen wants to know why anyone would give James Bond another car since he's constantly wrecking them. But Daniel Craig reveals that "Spectre" actually ...


Daniel Craig Will Officially Play James Bond Again | E! News
The "Spectre" actor reveals he will play 007 for the 25th James Bond movie. Should Idris Elba be playing the lead role? "LFE" weighs in. Full Story: ...


007 Drops By
Making his Ellen debut, Daniel Craig talked about the new James Bond film, and joined the list of celebrities endorsing #GetElleyOnTheTelly!


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