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Doctor Who: New Companions & Season 11 Rumours
13th Doctor has some new friends! For more awesome content, check out: Follow us on Facebook at: ...


Matthew, Liv & Jacob bring you their first thoughts on the huge breaking news regarding the 13th Doctors TARDIS team as well as the format of episodes for ...


Doctor Who: New Companions 2018 Reaction!
We have a whole bunch of new folks on the block for Doctor Who 2018! What are your thoughts on the new gang? Twitter ▷ @CrispeeePro Instagram ...


Rose Tyler Sends Donna Noble Back In Time - Turn Left - Doctor Who - BBC
Donna Noble faces a race against time when she is teleported back, by Rose Tyler and UNIT, to an encounter with her past self. But just how will she make sure ...


Top 10 Surprising Roles by Doctor Who Actors
Top 10 Surprising Roles by Doctor Who Actors Subscribe: They may have travelled all of space ...


Doctor Who Series 11 Companion Revealed | Bradley Walsh as 'Graham'


Doctor Who Companion Casting - A Geek's Rambling Thoughts
I was all set to call it an early night... and this announcement came down. So here're are my over-tired and semi-coherent thoughts. If you don't find me ...


The Tenth Doctor Repeats Sky Silvestry - Midnight - Doctor Who
Whatever was in Sky Silvestry is now in the Doctor, or that's what the passengers think. What has stolen the Doctor's voice and can he be saved in time?


DOCTOR WHO - A la découverte du cast saison 11 !
La BBC a dévoilé le 22 octobre 2017 les compagnons du Docteur de Jodie Whittaker pour la saison 11. Apprenons-en plus à leur sujet ! Communiqué de ...


Top 10 Doctor Who Moments
Top 10 Doctor Who Moments Subscribe: The British Sci-fi series, Doctor Who has delivered some ...


Doctor Who DVDs for sale on Amazon UK



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