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FUNNIEST SKETCH EVER!!! - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (In the pub)
Pete & Dud discussing women over a pint of beer.


Dudley Moore Beethoven Sonata Parody
In this clip from the 1950's-60s British comedy group "Beyond the Fringe," Dudley Moore plays a very funny but also very musically well-done parody of a ...


The Life and sad ending of Dudley Moore
Mini Bio of the life of Dudley Moore. The saddest part is that Dudley lost the ability to play the piano due to the disease progressive supra-nuclear palsy.


Dudley Moore and Peter Cook on Joan Rivers Show (BBC 1986)
Joan Rivers Can we talk? also with Samantha Fox.


Dudley Moore LIVE - "Beethoven's Colonel Bogey" - stereo HQ
Dud performs his classic Beethoven pastiche on a white Bosendorfer (the best piano in the world) on "Wogan" - Christmas, '88.


Actor Dudley Moore's battle with PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy)
Dudley Moore (1935--2002) Dudley Moore, the gifted comedian who had at least three distinct career phases that brought him great acclaim and success, ...


Peter Cook and Dudley Moore on "Parkinson"
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in a very funny interview with Michael Parkinson.


An Audience With... Dudley Moore - '81, HQ
When he was at his height (so to speak) Dudley did this early entry in LWT's occasional series, "An Audience With..." - shot in their Number One Studio, in front of ...


Dudley Moore Trio - Just In Time
Dudley Moore (piano) Pete McGurk (bass) Chris Karan (drums) Dud and the lads swing their collective backsides off magnificently in this clip taken from the very ...


Dudley Moore interprets G. Fauré and F. Schubert
"European songs". This is a classic bound to make you laugh.


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