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How George Lucas Really Felt About The Last Jedi
If you're new, Subscribe! → It can't be easy for George Lucas to sit back and watch other filmmakers guide the Star Wars galaxy. Of course, it's hard to...


George Lucas Calls Disney “White Slavers” in Charlie Rose interview
George Lucas has criticized the latest installment of “Star Wars,” the series he created, in an interview with Charlie Rose, describing the film as too “retro” for his taste and jokingly...


The Line Mark Hamill Begged George Lucas To Cut From Star Wars
If you're new, Subscribe! → As anyone familiar with series creator George Lucas' original Star Wars screenplay would tell you, the process of making the...


How George Lucas Wanted The NEW Trilogy to be Made - Star Wars Explained (7 8 9)
Have you ever wondered just how George Lucas wanted Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and Episode 9 to go? While many of us might feel like he got shafted (script vision wise only),...


Why Hollywood hates George Lucas
George Lucas gives his opinion about Hollywood Source :


George Lucas Tells Autograph Seekers to Get a Job | TMZ
George Lucas will begrudgingly sign autographs for those shoving posters and pictures in his face -- but don't push it ... 'cause he'll tell you to get a J-O-B. SUBSCRIBE:


George Lucas Impressed by 'Last Jedi,' Says It Was "Beautifully Made" | THR News
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George Lucas Being Blamed for The Last Jedi Backlash
The fans have now turned on Star Wars creator George Lucas, regarding the controversial choices made in The Last Jedi. ☆Subscribe Here: Help us make better content...


Sketchy Things We Ignore About George Lucas
If you're new, Subscribe! → The success of Star Wars propelled George Lucas from an indie filmmaker to a Hollywood Titan. But despite Lucas' reputation...


George Lucas says he took THE PHANTOM MENACE "too far"
On the special features on THE PHANTOM MENACE dvd, there is a behind the scenes documentary about the making of the film, and we got a good look at how George Lucas felt about the first cut...


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