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One Direction - History (Official Video)
One Direction's official music video for History. As featured on Made in the A.M., listen on Spotify Click to buy the album via iTunes:


The Worst Jobs in History: Dark Ages (Dark Ages Documentary) | Timeline
Tony Robinson presents a series examining some of history's least pleasant employment opportunities. He begins in the first millennium, trying his hand at everyday tasks including back-breaking...


Misunderstood Moments in History - Cleopatra's Egypt
The rich history of ancient Egypt is often reduced to nothing but Pharaohs and slaves in the desert. Today we will be bringing to life the fascinating tale of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and its...


How GOOD was Quagsire ACTUALLY? - History of Quagsire in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 2-6)
Quagsire! The Water Fish Pokemon! Quagsire doesn't seem to care about anything and is blissfully unaware of its surroundings. Can it maintain its happiness in competitive battling? Join False...


A New History of India: Every Year
Every year of Indian history, from the Iron Age to 2018. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support me on Patreon:...


history of the entire world, i guess
Http:// patreon: spotify: itunes:


The Biggest Lies Told in History
From legends about George Washington to historical monuments, here are the Biggest Lies told in History. Subscribe to American Eye 10. Columbus Discovered America ...


Pawn Stars: Remington New Model Army .44 | History
Rick stares down the barrel of a piece of Civil War history from one of his regular customers in this clip from "Cool As Ike". #PawnStars Subscribe for more from Pawn Stars and other great...


Pawn Stars: 19th Century Roman Catholic Cardinal Ring (Season 7) | History
A customer brings Rick what he claims is a ring given out to a cardinal by the Pope, but his word alone may not be infallible in this clip from "Lord of the Ring". #PawnStars Subscribe for...


The Hidden History of Humanity
The Hidden History of Humanity! Feature length Documentary. Based upon the Secret Doctrine, this documentary focuses on the evolution of consciousness over millions of years while revealing...


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