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S01E02 The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn




Barrington Pheloung - theme from Inspector Morse [1987]
Duffy Sheridan is one of the distinguished realistic oil painting artists , specalist in women's expressions......... I didn't own the music and pictures ,just information ...


Inspector morse - the remorseful day - Morse collapses
Where morse collapses with a heart attack ; Faure's requiem playing in the background.


One of my favourite Inspector Morse scenes from The Wolvercote Tongue




The Women of Inspector Morse.
Here is a little video I made of the women in Morse's life during the series of 33 episodes. You can find more interesting info and all things Morse on my blog at, ...


BBC Radio 4. House of Ghosts: A Case for Inspector Morse (25th March 2017)
An original drama written by Alma Cullen around the characters of Morse and Lewis created by Colin Dexter. The focus is on the time in Morse's career when his ...


'Last Seen Wearing'. Inspector Morse Radio Dramatisation.
I had uploaded this a while ago but due to a copyright issue over a piece of music used in the dramatisation the upload was banned worldwide. So, I have ...


Colin Dexter's appearances in Inspector Morse
This is a video of all Colin Dexter's appearances in the series, Inspector Morse. Colin did not appear in the episodes, Ghosts in the Machine, Promised Land, ...


Inspector Morse in Books

Inspector Morse DVDs for sale on Amazon UK

Inspector Morse: The Complete Series 1-12 [DVD]
21 individual discs with one episode on each

Amazon’s Lowest Price: £28.00   
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By: ITV Studios Home Entertainment.  

Inspector Morse: Series 1-12 [DVD]
United Kingdom released, PAL/Region 2 DVD: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), English ( Dolby Digital Stereo ), English ( Subtitles ), SPECIAL FEATURES: Box Set, Documentary, Interactive Menu, Multi-DVD Set, Remastered, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: Super sleuth, Inspector Morse (John Thaw) has an ear for music, a taste for beer and a nose for crime. He sets out with Sergeant Lewis (Kevin Whately) to solve each intriguing case. Rediscover all 33 episodes, all digitally restored with full picture and sound restoration of this fantastic and class British TV series starring an amazing cast in each episode. Episodes include:The Dead Of Jericho The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn Service Of All The Dead The Wolvercote Tongue Last Seen Wearing The Settling Of The Sun Last Bus To Woodstock The Ghost In The Machine The Last Enemy Deceived By Flight The Secret Of Bay 5B Infernal Serpent The Sins of the Father Driven To Distraction Masonic Mysteries Second Time Around Fat Chance Who Killed Harry Field? Greeks Bearing Gifts Promised Land Dead On Time Happy Families The Death Of The Self Absolute Conviction Cherubim And Seraphim Deadly Slumber The Day Of The Devil Twilight Of The Gods The Way Through The Woods The Daughters Of Cain Death Is Now My Neighbour The Wench Is Dead The Remorseful Day SCREENED/AWARDED AT: BAFTA Awards, Edgar Allan Poe Awards, ...Inspector Morse - Complete Case Files (33 Episodes) - 18-DVD Box Set

Amazon’s Lowest Price: £13.48   
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By: ITV Studios.  

Lewis - Series Two [DVD] [2007]
After the successful first standalone outing for the character, Kevin Whately returns to the title role of Lewis again, for a second full season of investigations. And things seem, to the benefit of the viewer, just as dangerous as they always were.

This series of Lewis is set five years after the death of Inspector Morse (to whom Lewis was, of course, the sidekick), and while the gap left behind by the late, great John Thaw is occasionally felt, this is still very much quality drama in its own right.

Thus, this DVD set brings together all four feature-length episodes from the second series of Lewis, and finds the detective in his familiar Oxford stomping ground. Accompanied by Laurence Fox’s DS Hathaway, a collection of well-written, compelling mysteries are waiting to be solved.

The series’ investigations cover the discovery of a body in a library through to the world of underground boxing and a rape case that brings out the worst in the Oxford establishment. And there aren’t any weak links here: each episode is involving, intelligent and a gripping watch. Even at its worst, Lewis is very good television drama.

What’s more, Whately is terrific in the increasingly complex central role, and the scripts continue to allow him to flesh out the character. Lewis is, in many ways, a flawed man, and as he works his way through the layered and involving cases, this becomes ever-more obvious. And the programme is all the better for it. For in spite of some cynicism when it first announced that a standalone Lewis programme was being produced, there’s ample here to silence the most sceptical of naysayers. For Lewis is, simply, very strong television. --Jon Foster

Amazon’s Lowest Price: £6.99   
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By: ITV Studios Home Entertainment.  

P.D. James - Death in Holy Orders & The Murder Room [DVD]

Amazon’s Lowest Price: £4.41   
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By: 2 Entertain Video.  

Lynley Mysteries : The Complete Collection - Series 1 - 6 (The inspector Lynley mysteries: moord romantiek in ijzersterke Britse detectiveserie)
Netherlands released, PAL/Region 2 DVD: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital Stereo ), Dutch ( Subtitles ), SPECIAL FEATURES: Box Set, Interactive Menu, Multi-DVD Set, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: British crime investigation series based around aristocratic, Oxford-educated Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his working-class assistant Sergeant Barbara Havers.
A Great Deliverance
Series 1
Well-Schooled in Murder
Payment in Blood
For the Sake of Elena
Missing Joseph
Series 2
Playing for the Ashes
In the Presence of the Enemy
A Suitable Vengeance
Deception on His Mind
Series 3
In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
A Traitor to Memory
A Cry for Justice
If Wishes were Horses
Series 4
In Divine Proportion
In The Guise of Death
The Seed Of Cunning
Word Of God
Series 5
Natural Causes
One Guilty Deed
Chinese Walls
In The Blink Of An Eye
Series 6
Know Thine Enemy ...The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (Series 1-6) - 12-DVD Box Set ( The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Series One to Six )

Amazon’s Lowest Price: £26.98   
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By: Memphis Belle.   2013-02-27

Endeavour - Complete Series 4

Amazon’s Lowest Price: £9.99   
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Mitch: The Complete Series [DVD]

Amazon’s Lowest Price: £9.00   
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Endeavour: The Origins of Inspector Morse [DVD] (2012)

Amazon’s Lowest Price: £2.65   
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By: ITV Studios Home Entertainment.  

Inspector Morse: Series 1 [DVD]
The Inspector Morse - Series 1 DVD contains all episodes from the opening series of this very popular and long-standing show. First broadcast in 1987, the Inspector Morse series is a cops and crime drama based on the Colin Dexter novels of the same name. The show is based around the exciting exploits of Morse (John Thaw)--a senior officer within the Criminal Investigation Department of the Oxford Police--as he investigates heavy crimes in and around Oxford with his sidekick, Inspector Lewis (Kevin Whately). Morse is a grumpy classical music aficionado who loves beer, and who frequently loses patience with the earnest but somewhat slow Lewis.

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Inspector Morse: Greeks Bearing Gifts/Promised Land [DVD] [1987]
When Inspector Morse first appeared on television in 1987, nobody could have predicted that it would run into the next century, maintaining throughout a quality of scripts and story lines that raised the genre of the detective series to a new level. Much of its success can be attributed to John Thaw's total immersion in the role. Morse is a prickly character and not obviously easy to like. As a detective in Oxford with unfulfilled academic propensities, he is permanently excluded from a world of which he would dearly love to be a part. He is at odds with that world--and with his colleagues in the police force--most of the time. Passionate about opera and "proper beer", he is a cultural snob for whom vulgarity causes almost physical pain. As a result, he lives from one disillusionment to another. And he is scarred--more deeply than he would ever admit--by past relationships. But he also has a naïve streak and, deep-down sensitivity, which makes him a fascinating challenge for women.

At the heart of Morse's professional life is his awkward partnership with Detective Sergeant Lewis, the resolutely ordinary, worldly sidekick who manages to keep his boss in an almost permanent state of exasperation while retaining his grudging respect. It's a testament to Kevin Whateley's consistently excellent performance that from such unpromising material, Lewis becomes as indispensable to the series as Barrington Pheloung's hypnotic, classic theme music. Morse's investigations do occasionally take him abroad to more exotic locations, but throughout 14 successful years of often gruesome murders, the city of Oxford itself became a central character in these brooding two-hour dramas: creator Colin Dexter stating he finally had to kill Morse off because he was giving Oxford a bad reputation as a dangerous place! --Piers Ford

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