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Inspector Morse S03E01 The Ghost in the Machine
Let's not forget to subscribe to our game channel Morse investigates the . A beautifull playlist from my friend David. David is a Scot who happends to live in ...


Inspector Morse - The Dead of Jerico
This is the 1st episode of the 1st season of Inspector Morse. The show was aired during 1987 and 2000... All credit goes to the creators of the show, actors, ...


Inspector Morse - S07E01 - Deadly Slumber
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Inspector Morse S05E05 Promised Land
Inspector Morse S05E05 Promised Land. Morse and Lewis go to Austrailia to find a witness who has been in witness protection for ten years, but this is one ...


Inspector Morse S06E04 Absolute Conviction
A convicted fraudster, one of three former business partners at an open prison, dies following an assault. Morse has to investigate the death while dealing with a.


Inspector Morse S03E03 Deceived by Flight
Lewis goes undercover as a worker at the University so he can go undercover on the cricket team and discover the murderer of Morse's old college roommate.


Inspector Morse S03E04 The Secret of Bay 5B
A bullying, controlling womanizer who also blackmails his conquests is found garroted in his car in a garage deck. IDMb: 7.6/10 Air Date: January 25, 1989.


Inspector Morse S06E05 Cherubim and Seraphim
Let's not forget to subscribe to our game channel A new drug developed . Inspector Morse S06E05 Cherubim And Seraphim. Inspector Morse S06E05 Cherubim ...


Inspector Morse S05E02 Fat Chance
Let's not forget to subscribe to our game channel Morse finds himself . Inspector Morse S05E02 Fat Chance.


Inspector Morse - S05E03 - Who Killed Harry Field
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