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Jeremy Renner Is Grumpy Cat
Jeremy Renner is asked about Elizabeth Olsen's claim that he resembles Grumpy Cat, as he's sitting next to the voice of Grumpy Cat, Aubrey Plaza. More Late ...


Blow Your Mind with Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner and Jimmy take turns guessing whether mind-blowing facts are true or false, getting blasted in the face with an air cannon for every wrong ...


Jeremy Renner Shows Off His Real-Life Snowmobile Skills in Wind River
Jeremy Renner got in a lot of snowmobile practice for his movie Wind River when his Tahoe home was literally buried under historic snowfall. Subscribe NOW to ...


Q&A: Jeremy Renner
The two-time Academy Award-nominee and star of the new thriller "Wind River" talks with John Blackstone about his struggle to make it as an actor, and about ...


Jeremy Renner's Arrival Director's Accent Kept Him Laughing on Set
Jeremy had a hard time staying serious on the quiet Arrival set because of his French-Canadian director's pronunciation of certain words. Subscribe NOW to The ...


Jeremy Renner Chucked Doughnuts at Ed Helms After Breaking Both Arms
Jeremy Renner talks to Jimmy about the weird things his friend, magician David Blaine, would do to literally talk frogs into letting him swallow them and the time ...


LIKE us on FACEBOOK: - Wind River is now playing in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we caught ...


Hawkeye Sings About His Super Powers (Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" Parody)
Hawkeye from "Avengers" sings about his lesser-known powers. Lyrics below. When you're on a team with the Hulk and Thor And we're all up there on the ...


Jeremy Renner Explains Why He Does His Own Stunts
Even after breaking both of his arms in an on-set accident, Jeremy Renner tells Howard Stern why it's important for him to do his own stunts. Read more: ...


Jeremy Renner on His Daughter
The Avengers star talked to Ellen about his daughter and his unique family!


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