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Star Trek TNG Bloopers (Part 2)
I finally re-uploaded this video after it got blocked! I just had to remove something but its okay now. I listened to your requests, here is a new compilation of some ...


Mr Spock Assumes His Station Aboard Enterprise - Star Trek Discovery
Lt. Spock takes his station aboard the Enterprise. Number One detects the 7th red burst sent by Micheal Burnham. He finally shaved and is in uniform. This is the ...


Star Trek Discovery Finale Destroys Spock and Canon | Alex Kurtzman is Not Finished
The day after the season finale of Star Trek Discovery the questions remain. After a year of promises that we would see how Michael Burnham and the Discovery ...


New Star Trek Animated Show Announced! | Nickelodeon & CBS Partnership
Greetings Trekkies! In today's video, I share my thoughts and opinions regarding the recently announced Star Trek Animated series geared more towards kids ...


Star Trek - Horizon: Full Film
We're continuing to tell original science fiction stories, please consider supporting us on Patreon! Star Trek - Horizon is a ...


Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Finale: My Thoughts
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Rise Of Discovery Announcement | Star Trek Online
++ Help me hit 10000 and subscribe! ++ The next major update to Star Trek Online, Rise of Discovery, is coming to PC on May 14th, and to Xbox One and ...


USS Discovery Has Been Alone for 1000 Years - Star Trek "Calypso"
This is from the mini episode named Calypso. Discovery's artificial intelligence, Zora, reveals that the ship has been alone in a nebula for almost 1000 years.


Why I'm Skipping The Vahklas, And You Should Too! | Star Trek Fleet Command Episode 34
When you get into the 20s, everyone has said skip the Kehra and just go to 22 for the Vahlas. What if I told you everything you've heard is wrong? Well, that's my ...


"Star Trek: Discovery" season finale preview
The second season of "Star Trek: Discovery" will come to an end Thursday night on CBS All Access. Keisha Hatchett, associate editor at TV Guide, joins CBSN ...


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