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Stargate SG-1 Funny Moments
DISCLAIMER:: I DO NOT OWN THIS SHOW!!! These are just some really funny moments for the first few seasons of Stargate SG-1... ::Episodes Used:: Season 2 ...


Stargate SG1 - End of Anubis
With Anubis edging closer to Earth in the hope of finding out the whereabouts of the Lost City, the SGC rally a last stand with Jack making essential preparations ...


Stargate SG-1 P90 demonstration
Carter and O'Neill compare a staff weapon with the P90. Stargate SG-1: S05E18. The Warrior.


Today marks the 20th Anniversary of Stargate SG-1! Celebrate with this compilation of some great scenes from SG-1. Check out the Stargate TV Shows and ...


Stargate SG1 - Team [SG1,Adria, Baal and a Dragon]
SG-1 travels to the planet where they believe the Sangraal is at to defeat the Ori. However, as soon as they arrive, Adria is hot on their trail, by posing as one of ...


This is Prometheus | Prometheus | Stargate SG-1
Season 6, Episode 11 - Julia Donovan seems like a good reporter, but what are her true intentions for Prometheus? Stargate is the popular science fiction ...


Stargate SG1 - The End Of The Replicators (8-17)
From Season 8 Episode 17 "Reckoning: Part 2" Description From IMDB - Sam and Jacob are on the planet Dakara trying to configure the Ancient's device to ...


Stargate SG1 - Star Trek Parody
Before Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell can celebrate his 200th trip through a Stargate, he and his team must work with Martin Lloyd on several ideas for the TV ...


Stargate SG1 - Bloopers #4
Consider using our amazon link, it helps us out: If you guys have any request for videos put it in the comments below and i'll get to it as ...


Stargate SG1 - Upgrades [Death of the Asgard HD]
The Odyssey travels to Orilla upon the request of the Asgard who then offer to upgrade the Odyssey before their mass suicide. However, three Ori warships soon ...


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