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The Office Best Moments (ALL SEASONS)
I finished watching the series recently and I rlly wanted to make a funny moments. Didn't mean to make it so long but I mean there is a lot of great moments. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!! ALL RIGHTS...


Wet Cement - The Office US
Michael certainly knows how to make an impression... From Season 4, Episode 16 'Did I Stutter?' Michael tries to give Stanley an attitude adjustment after Stanley snaps at him; Dwight decides...


The Best Of Meredith - The Office US
Just like Clooney! Enjoy the best of The Office's resident sex addict Meredith Palmer Watch The Office US on Google Play: & iTunes Subscribe:...


Best of The Office
YOU'VE BEEN MEATBALL'D!!!! All rights go to The Office. No monetization.


Top 10 The Office UK Moments
It was ground-breaking; it was record-breaking; it was side-splitting... It's a sitcom unlike any other before or after! Join as we count down our picks for the Top...


Michael Wasn't Invited To The Retreat - The Office US
No more Smores, no more Smores! From Season 4 Episode 11 'Survivor Man' hen Ryan excludes him from a wilderness retreat, Michael goes into the woods for his own survival adventure; Jim tries...


Best of: The Office (Season 2)
Includes deleted scenes! I've listed the top scenes for you: 0:00 Michael calls Jim Fat Halpert 0:12 Michael does Ping 0:28 Michael compares the office to Friends 0:41 The warehouse guys make...


Accidental Cross-Dressing - The Office US
It's European Watch The Office US on Google Play: & iTunes Subscribe: This is the official YouTube channel for The Office...


Recreated - "One Of Everything" from The Office (and the Long Island Iced Tea)
Michael Scott from the TV show The Office is a master paper salesman, the king of cringe, and apparently an aspiring home mixologist. Here were recreate his "One Of Everything" and see how...


Toby's Health And Safety Meeting - The Office US
Toby gives one of his trademark enthralling speeches From Season 3 Episode 20 'Safety Training'. Andy returns from anger-management classes, planning to make a fresh start with his co-workers;...


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