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The West Wing Top 10- Jed Bartlet Scenes
I don't own any of these clips, obviously. The actor who played Jed Bartlet in The West Wing was Martin Sheen.


The West Wing - S04E06 - Game On - Prank on Toby
TOBY A crisis of confidence? LEO Yeah. TOBY I don't understand. LEO I was on the helicopter with him earlier this morning, and I'm telling you he's second guessing himself, he's revising...


The West Wing S02E15: Millie's resignation
Vice Admiral Millicent Griffith is the Surgeon General of the United States during the Bartlet Administration. While answering questions about marijuana, Dr. Griffith pointed out the effects...


West Wing Presidential Debate
President Jed Bartlet vs. Governor Ritchie.


ATX Festival Panel: "The West Wing Administration" (2016)
Aaron Sorkin created an alternate reality that we all wished was real, where President Bartlet and his WEST WING staffers did everything they could to change their world, and in the process,...


The West Wing - Charlie's Tax Return
POTUS helps Charlie with his tax return. Charlie isn't happy with the result.


The West Wing: Shots Fired On The White House
Someone shooting at the White House. Season 4 Episode 20.


The West Wing - President Bartlet walks to the hill.
A clip from Season Five Episode Eight "Shutdown". After budget talks break down with Speaker Haffley, Josh Lyman convinces President Jed Bartlet to walk to the US Capitol Building to meet with...


The West Wing Progressive Compilation
A mix of progressive/liberal speeches from my favorite political drama, The West Wing. Please hit subscribe if you are interested in watching a couple of progressive speeches, opinions or...


West Wing - Are we discarding anybody else for legal activities?
Potential Supreme Court nominee Evelyn Lang reveals that she had an abortion while in law school. The team decide this rules her out of contention, but Bartlet has other ideas.


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