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The West Wing Top 10- Jed Bartlet Scenes
I don't own any of these clips, obviously. The actor who played Jed Bartlet in The West Wing was Martin Sheen.


The West Wing - S04E06 - Game On - Prank on Toby
TOBY A crisis of confidence? LEO Yeah. TOBY I don't understand. LEO I was on the helicopter with him earlier this morning, and I'm telling you he's second ...


West Wing Presidential Debate
President Jed Bartlet vs. Governor Ritchie.


The West Wing - Charlie's Tax Return
POTUS helps Charlie with his tax return. Charlie isn't happy with the result.


The West Wing S07E21: C.J. and Toby reunites
Toby: "You're a woman with a lot of options. You're acting like the world's backing you into a corner." From The West Wing, Season 7, Episode 21, Institutional ...


West Wing Bible Lesson?
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ATX Festival Panel: "The West Wing Administration" (2016)
Aaron Sorkin created an alternate reality that we all wished was real, where President Bartlet and his WEST WING staffers did everything they could to change ...


The West Wing: Shots Fired On The White House
Someone shooting at the White House. Season 4 Episode 20.


The West Wing: Trump Reboot
The West Wing would be a very different show if it revolved around Donald Trump's White House. Subscribe now: ...


Why are we changing maps? (from The West Wing)
This is a clip from "The West Wing" TV show. It was shown as the Geography Humor portion of the Salt Lake GIS User Group (SLUG) meeting on 16-May-2012 ...


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