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Sharpe's Gold (1995) - Sean Bean, Daragh O'Malley, Hugh Fraser - Action, Adventure, History
Sharpe is sent on a mission to exchange rifles for deserters with a strange band of Spanish guerillas. He also has to chaperone two women looking for their ...


Sharpe's Eagles - Can You Stand speech


"F*cking Boyah" A scene from Sharpe's Rifles
It's comforting to know, that no mather what you achieve or experience in your life, it will never be as awesomely cool as this clip. You'll go fucking boyah after ...


Sharpe's Rifles 95th rifles march


Sharpe's Waterloo (1997)-Action, Adventure, History
Sharpe's Waterloo (1997)-Action, Adventure, History Thanks for Watching,


The Happy World Of SHARPE: Part 8 The Legend Of Patrick Harper
He was dressed like an undertaker, sir.


Sharpe's Rifles (1993) - The Final Duel
From the first episode, 'Sharpe's Rifles' (1993). Starring Sean Bean and Daragh O'Malley.


Sharpe - How he became an Officer
Sharpe - How he became an Officer How Sharpe went from Sjt in the 95th Rifles to Officer.


One of the funniest scenes from Sharpe's Rifles: A short prayer
Scene from Sharpe's Rifles (1993)


Sharpe's Rifles - Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars
Got bored and made this.

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