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The Hostages | Sharpe
Sharpe and the french soldiers are presented the hostages that Obidiah is keeping.


Sharpe Shack Adventures 3-15-18
Pie Face.


A Challenge | Sharpe
Sharpe is challenge by Spanish soldiers to a fight.


Sharpe V Harper | Sharpe
With tension building between the two Sharpe decides to fight Harper until they are interupted.


Sharpe Meets Harper For The First Time | Sharpe
Sharpe finds his new soldiers under his command sleep in a barn and tries to wake them only to be confronted by Harper.


Where Are Your Loyalities | Sharpe
Sharpe is questioned by Hogan on where his loyalties lie.


Sharpe Reveals Why He Wants To Be Promoted | Sharpe
Sharpe reveals that he must strive for promotion to be captain so he can provide a life for his new daughter.


Know Your Duty William | Sharpe
William questions Sharpe on what his duty will be in the battle.


Searching The Deserted Down | Sharpe
Sharpe and Harper search the deserted town.


Sharpe And Harper Discuss The Siege | Sharpe
Sharpe and Harper celebrate St Patricks day and talk about the up coming siege.


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