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Sharpe's Fortress India 1803 Richard Sharpe's Adventure Series #3


Sharpe On Trial | Sharpe
Sharpe goes on trial for a crime that he didn't commit.


The Chosen Men Flank | Sharpe
The chosen men quickly run into a near by ditch and flank the disorientated french troops.


Where Are Your Loyalities | Sharpe
Sharpe is questioned by Hogan on where his loyalties lie.


Sharpe Arrives | Sharpe
Sharpe arrives to meet his troops but finds them in disorder.


Arriving At The Bridge | Sharpe
Sharpe and the rest of the army arrive at the bridge they have to defend.


Battle For The Hostages | Sharpe
Sharpe and the chosen men fight to save the hostages.


Quick Time | Sharpe
Sharpe is ordered to pick up the pace of his men so he decides to quick time march his way too the front of the marchers.


Sharpe Returns Too Camp | Sharpe
Sharpe returns to camp to break the news that he couldn't free the hostages.


Sharpe Defends The Countess | Sharpe
Sharpe arrives to rescue the countess from the beating of Lieutenant Berry and fights him to defend her.


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