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Sharpe's Fortress India 1803 Richard Sharpe's Adventure Series #3


Sharpe On Trial | Sharpe
Sharpe goes on trial for a crime that he didn't commit.


Sharpe Arrives | Sharpe
Sharpe arrives to meet his troops but finds them in disorder.


Where Are Your Loyalities | Sharpe
Sharpe is questioned by Hogan on where his loyalties lie.


Arriving At The Bridge | Sharpe
Sharpe and the rest of the army arrive at the bridge they have to defend.


The Chosen Men Flank | Sharpe
The chosen men quickly run into a near by ditch and flank the disorientated french troops.


Sharpe Returns Too Camp | Sharpe
Sharpe returns to camp to break the news that he couldn't free the hostages.


Sharpe Meets Harper For The First Time | Sharpe
Sharpe finds his new soldiers under his command sleep in a barn and tries to wake them only to be confronted by Harper.


Sharpe Defends The Countess | Sharpe
Sharpe arrives to rescue the countess from the beating of Lieutenant Berry and fights him to defend her.


Sharpe's Eagle Richard Sharpe's Adventure Series #2


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