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Blocked Air Vent
Check out for more great tips on keeping you safe. Air vents are for allowing enough oxygen into a room for the fire and yourself to both live ...


Rat guard for air brick, a simple way to prevent vermin access into your home
Wire mesh air brick ventilation cover prevents rat and mouse infestations in your home. Available from telephone 01772811522 email ...


How to Use Ultra Clear to Seal Draughty Wall Vents | by ecoMaster
Http:// Transcript: "We're looking at lots of different places where you can use Ultra Clear to seal up gaps and cracks around your home.


Foundation Vent Repair
I have seen hundreds of houses that have wildlife in the crawlspace. and most of them have one thing in common. Bad foundation vents are responsible for so ...


WALL VENTS: remove them? Improve air tightness and save energy. (ACTIONABLE)
Wall vents have been around for a while, but they aren't being put into new homes. We go over why, and talk about a good super cheap way in substantially ...


Anti-flood Airbrick Cover - Flood Defence
Easy to deploy and compact to store, it is produced from aluminium sheet and closed cell EPDM foam, taking only minutes to install. They are simply pushed into ...


Airbrick Cover


How to fit a louvred fly screen vent to an internal cavity wall
Hey guys, Rock_Dude here again with some more DIY tips, this time it's installing a vent to an internal cavity wall If you find the video helpful like and subscribe ...


How to cure damp in the bedroom.
If you wake up in the morning to find your windows misted up and a damp black patch on the ceiling or wall, (usually in the corners) then you need to sort it out ...


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