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Rat guard for air brick, a simple way to prevent vermin access into your home
Wire mesh air brick ventilation cover prevents rat and mouse infestations in your home. Available from telephone 01772811522 email ...


Airbrick Cover


Anti-flood Airbrick Cover - Flood Defence
Easy to deploy and compact to store, it is produced from aluminium sheet and closed cell EPDM foam, taking only minutes to install. They are simply pushed into ...


How to Replace a Brick Wall Vent - DIY at Bunnings
External wall vents help rising damp escape from the sub-floor of your home, effectively preventing mould from growing and moisture rotting sub-floor timbers.


How to draught-proof wall vents
Wall vents are so passé. Learn how to draught-proof them to stop all your winter warmth escaping. For more energy saving, comfort making GIY Green It Yourself ...


How to fit an external vent
This video shows how to fit an external wall vent, these are often used for extractor fans, tumble driers or even just straight through vents as in this demonstration ...


KAIR COWLED WALL OUTLET 100MM ROUND SPIGOT Kair cowled vent with damper flap & 100mm round spigot. Designed for use with 100mm round ducting ...


How to fit a louvred fly screen vent to an internal cavity wall
Hey guys, Rock_Dude here again with some more DIY tips, this time it's installing a vent to an internal cavity wall If you find the video helpful like and subscribe ...


Extractor Fan Cover - Gravity Grille
Plastic ducting external grilles. Wide range of grills in 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. Grille and plastic air vent colours include: Beige, Black, Brown, Terracotta ...


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