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Rising Damp in walls, Blocked air bricks - Part 1, The Problem
Part 2 - The so called 'professionals' of the damp proofing companies had suggested drilling 2 holes in each ...


How to Replace a Brick Wall Vent - DIY at Bunnings
External wall vents help rising damp escape from the sub-floor of your home, effectively preventing mould from growing and moisture rotting sub-floor timbers.


Rising Damp in walls, Blocked air bricks - Part 2, The Solution
Apologies for the delay in posting this - its been a busy time !! ** As you can see the solution was (as they all are) very simple. About a days work + parts, less ...


How to install BrickVents on existing brick homes and businesses
Vent the moisture to address moisture and mold problems in the walls of your brick home or business. Retrofit installation of BrickVents is easy and this video ...


UK - damp problems due to cavity wall insulation
This is a property in Southampton. I was asked to look at a damp issue in the upstairs bedroom. The property has a small roof section along the front with a cavity ...


Cleaning an Air Brick


It is the most efficient and effective airbrick replacement on the market. Its superior design is passive and it is self-activated by only one moving part. Designed to ...


Best use of air-bricks
Safe as houses.


Kair System 204 Airbrick with Surround - Fits 204mm x 60mm Ducting - SYS-204 - DUCVKC5635 These Kair System 204 Airbricks with Surround provide a ...


how to fit a wall vent

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