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Rat guard for air brick, a simple way to prevent vermin access into your home
Wire mesh air brick ventilation cover prevents rat and mouse infestations in your home. Available from telephone 01772811522 email ...


Airbrick Cover


How to Replace a Brick Wall Vent - DIY at Bunnings
External wall vents help rising damp escape from the sub-floor of your home, effectively preventing mould from growing and moisture rotting sub-floor timbers.


How to Use Ultra Clear to Seal Draughty Wall Vents | by ecoMaster
Http:// Transcript: "We're looking at lots of different places where you can use Ultra Clear to seal up gaps and cracks around your home.


Flood barriers for domestic doors and Anti Flood Air Brick Covers - Testing
Flood barriers for domestic doors. This innovative flood device with its light-weight design and patent pending clamping system can easily be fitted or removed in ...


How to cure damp in the bedroom.
If you wake up in the morning to find your windows misted up and a damp black patch on the ceiling or wall, (usually in the corners) then you need to sort it out ...


Mouse and rat proofing your property pest control
Simple yet affective way of proofing your home by using air brick covers to stop rodents coming in. This can be used instead of mouse or rat poison.


Fitting an airbrick
My brick shed needed an air brick fitted so this is my first attempt at doing this. I should have used an angle grinder to quickly remove the existing brick to avoid ...


KAIR COWLED WALL OUTLET 100MM ROUND SPIGOT Kair cowled vent with damper flap & 100mm round spigot. Designed for use with 100mm round ducting ...


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