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Choosing Alpine Plants
DigIn is helping you design your own alpine garden.


Making an Alpine Crevice Garden - and what happened next
This is an extended version of the original video, in which Christine Pritchard showed how to make a small alpine crevice garden in an old stone trough.


Glendoick Alpine Plants - with Ken Cox
Small plants for a small space, Ken Cox passes on some great tips about how to use alpine plants in your garden.


Proctor Growing alpine plants without a rock garden
Alpine plants are the jewels of the plant world. Beautiful but small, these plants grow best in a habitat that most resembles their native one. Most are at home ...


Create Your Own Mini Alpine Inspired Landscape | The Great British Garden Revival
Full episodes available here: Re-create the Alps on a small scale in your own garden. Click here to ...


Planting an Alpine Container with Katie Rushworth
ITV's Love Your Garden presenter and Yorkshire gardener shows how to plant an Apline Container. It's a quick job, you don't need the most green fingers and ...


Field Botany and Systematics of Alpine Plants (HD1080p-2)
This video is for CalAcademy NiteLife Lightening Talk.


Create a vintage container alpine display
Find out how to plant up a low-maintenance alpine display in a vintage wooden box, in this practical video with expert advice from Kevin Smith. Do it: Apr, May, ...


Propagating Alpine Saxifrage
Nipping out saxifrage rosettes and potting them into free draining gritty compost to make new plants.


Alpine house, Harrogate
Via YouTube Capture.


Alpine Plants for sale on Amazon USA


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