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How It's Made Aluminum
Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Aluminum episode.


Aluminium (or Aluminum) - Periodic Table of Videos
All about Element 13, whatever you want to call it! Slow motion: Triethylaluminium: A bit extra from this ...


Hydraulic Press | Aluminium Foil | From Ball To Solid Piece
Pressing an entire roll (10m) of alu foil. We made a big ball from the roll, and kept pressing it till it was a solid block of aluminium :) If we would have pressed ...


Molten Copper, Aluminium and Salt Vs. Frozen Lake
We pour molten metals and aluminium to frozen lake to see will they go trough or just explode everywhere. Slow motion videos were filmed with chronos 1.4 ...


Making 526 kg (1160 lb) of Aluminium Ingots from Scrap Metal
In preperation for a large project we melted down around 660 kg of scrap aluminium into ingots. All the aluminium that we use for our castings is a cast alloy of ...


Nie pomalujesz ! To je amelinium (to je aluminium!)
Amelinium, to je amelinium, aluminium, to jest aluminiowe, to je amelilum, amelijon, amelilon.


Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)
An incredible metal structure is made by pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant colony. The resulting cast is huge, weighing 17.9 lbs. and reaching a depth of ...


Aluminium - The Material That Changed The World
Thanks to the vlogbrothers for sponsoring this video. Have been following their work for years, it feels great to be supported by my role models! Thank you to my ...


Casting an Aluminium Flywheel Using Green Sand Open Mold
Casting an aluminium flywheel for my internal combustion engine using the homemade green sand that I made in the last video. How I made this green sand: ...


Molten Aluminum Vs 'Spitballs' - SO COOL!! (water balz)
Backyard Scientists T-Shirts! Limited Edition campaign, buy one now! - I packed a fishtank completely ...

Greenhouses and accessories for sale on Amazon UK

Dropped your Glasses behind the sofa, a small screw has rolled under the kitchen cabinets, the TV remote has fell on the floor behind the TV or maybe you just have a bad back and can't bend down... Then you need our Grab and Grip with a Magnetic Tip. No more time wasted trying to access those awkward places where objects seem to be able to find with ease, just grab your Grab and Grip Reaching Tool, one of the most useful gadgets to have around the home.This handy lightweight and durable tool has a whole multitude of purposes from picking up litter to retrieving lost objects from behind cupboards with one simple motion. It even has a magnetic tip to help retrieve metallic objects with ease. The serrated edge and rubber grip of the grabber reduced slipping and provides extra grab. The long metal body reduces the need for unnecessary bending and the trigger action control on the handle allows you to pick up items in one motion with minimal effort. It comes with a handy wrist strap to keep secure and makes it easy to store almost anywhere.So don't do anymore unnecessary bending and grab your very own Grab and Grip Reaching Tool now.
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By: Green Jem.  

Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer
Part of Karcher's K Series of domestic pressure washers, the Full Control Edition K4 supplies the user with control over soft, medium and hard pressure level applications, providing versatile cleaning functionality suitable for a range of surfaces and materials. Equipped with a water cooled 1800w motor, this powerful cleaning tool delivers fine tuned pressure up to 35 times greater than a garden hose for impressive results in the garden, driveway and on building exteriors.

Features & Benefits:
&8226; 1800w motor provides 35x more power than a garden hose
&8226; Water cooled motor for longer lifetime
&8226; Trigger Gun & Lance storage hold in centre of machine for ease of transport
&8226; Onoff switch located higher up chassis for convenience
&8226; Plug & Clean Detergent System on top of unit
&8226; Hose guidance through chassis for front facing connection
&8226; Cable & hose holders on rear of machine
&8226; Telescopic handle
&8226; Weighted foot for increased stability in upright position
&8226; Stability foot doubles as an auxiliary carry handle
&8226; Adjustable pressure control via Vario Power Spray Lance
&8226; Illuminated display on trigger gun


&8226; Max Bar Pressure: 130
&8226; Max Water Flow lh: 420
&8226; Area Performance: 30m2h
&8226; Motor Size: 1800 W
&8226; Motor type: Water-Cooled Induction
&8226; Detergent intake: Plug & Clean
&8226; Hose Length: 6m
&8226; Cable Length: 5m
&8226; Weight kg: 11.42

&8226; Full Control Trigger Gun
&8226; Vario Spray Lance
&8226; Dirt Blaster Spray Lance

Includes FREE Extra Accessories Worth £100*
List Price: £199.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £159.99   
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By: Kärcher.  

iPhone 6 Case,iPhone 6S Case (4.7 inch), YOKIRIN [Wallet Case] Premium Soft PU Leather Notebook Wallet Embossed Flower Tree Design Case with [Kickstand] Stand Function Card Holder and ID Slot Slim Flip Protective Skin Cover for iPhone 6 ,iPhone 6S, Green


We specialize in the manufacture and sale of luxury cellphone case. Provide simple and clean cellphone cover against scratches to give your best protection. Decorate your phone with unique style.

-Fashion that protects your phone and offers an excellent hand feel.
-Protecting your phone from scratches,dust,shock and fingerprint.
-Made from durable high quality material,provides maximum protection for your phone.
-Access to all buttons and features.

Package Included:
-1 x Cell Phone Case Cover

List Price: £39.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £4.99   
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Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer
The Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer is an upright and mobile unit for low to medium usage. It is ideal for cleaning patios and decking as well as garden furniture, bicycles, cars and motorbikes. Surface Cluster Technology, for direct control via the trigger gun, allows the user to select the ideal pressure depending on the surface being cleaned. Also makes it easy to switch to detergent mode. The trigger gun is the pressure washer‘s central element as it is permanently held by the customer. The unit's upright design boasts increased stability thanks to the centred position of the trigger gun/spray lance and the incorporated stability foot. The Plug N Clean system is located on top of the unit for easy insertion of the detergent bottles. The higher on/off switch means less bending and less fatigue. Also features a 2nd carry handle at the base. Supplied with: 1 x 3/4in Adaptor for Garden Hose.1 x Dirt Blaster Spray Lance With Surface Clusters.1 x 6m High-Pressure Hose.1 x Vario Power Spray Lance With Surface Clusters.1 x T350 Patio Cleaner.1 x 3-in-1 Stone & Facade Detergent 1 Litre. Specification Max Pressure: 130 bar. Flow Rate: 420l/h. Motor: 1,800 Watt. Max Water Feed Temperature: 40°c.Area Performance: 30m²/h.Hose Length: 6m.Weight: 11.5kg.
List Price: £249.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £189.99   
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By: Kärcher.  

Milestone Camping Eva Mat - Silver

List Price: £7.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £6.79   
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By: Milestone Camping.  

Gardman A01044 Heavy Duty Seed Feeder
Comprehensive range of contemporary designed tubular squirrel resistant feeders Robust construction using die-cast alloy stainless steel and polycarbonate Easy to fill and clean
List Price: £16.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £9.35   
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By: Gardman Limited.  

Wolf Garten ZMI15 150cm Multi-Change Lightweight Aluminium Handle
Wolf ZMI 15 ALUMINIUM Handle Multi-Star
List Price: £9.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £9.46   
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By: Wolf Garten.  

Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs

List Price: £52.16
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £25.99   
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By: Felco.  

Pro Switch 2 in 1 Ratchet Secateurs - NEW Quick Switch from Ratcheting to Single Cut Mode Pruner For Easier Quicker Pruning - Best of Both Anvil Hand Secateur Best For Trees, Plants, Hedges - Strong Ergonomic Lightweight Comfort - Sharp Precise Garden Clippers. Experience this Gardening Tool Now!

Find it difficult to cut through thicker branches?
Used Ratchet Pruners before but found that you don't always need ratcheting mode for thinner stems?

Introducing the New Davaon Pro Switching 2 in 1 Secateurs

Best of Both Options With Ratcheting & Single Cut Modes in 1 Quality Garden Pruner

Ratchet Mode
The ratcheting mechanism's settings multiply your hand's power, it clicks and moves to the next setting after each squeeze to increase pressure as you cut so that you don't have to do the work - the pruning shears do it for you.
It slices through much thicker branches than conventional pruners, and they're very easy on your hands. The extra power of the ratchet action makes these ideal for tough jobs.

Single Cut Mode Switch
Change to conventional single cut mode with a quick flick of the switch for thinner (up to 18mm) more delicate stems, saving time.

Sharp SK5 Carbon Steel Blades
Best Quality Blades for precise trimming and long lasting sharpness

Ergonomic Design
Soft Grip Non Slip TPR Upper handle for comfort, Lower design handle makes it easier to hold during cuts

Lightweight strong body
Premium aluminium body designed to be lightweight yet very strong for lifetime use

Secure Locking Mechanism
Easily slide the lock to ensure they are secured for storing

Backed by 100% Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee so Click Add to Cart Now at the Special Limited Time Price


Copyright © Davaon Ltd 2015. Sold Exclusively by Davaon.
List Price: £33.99
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By: Davaon.  

The pack contains 50 galvanised wire W Clips and 50 Z aluminium clips. The clips are used to hold either 3mm or 4mm glass, acrylic and polycarbonate into a greenhouse. The clips will fit the majority of greenhouses however there are some exceptions. The W clip fixes into the side of the aluminium channel holding the glass in place, traditionally there are four clips to each pane of glass sized (610m x 610mm, 2ft x 2ft) however extra clips can be added to try and prevent wind damage. The Z clips are used in the walls and roof when stacking panes of glass on top of each other, normally two Z clips are placed on each joint. The overlap size of the clips is 12mm.
List Price: £6.00
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By: .  

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