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Bee Suit Review
Bee Suit Review. Look at several different bee suits, veils, hats, jackets, and gloves.


Ultra Breeze Bee Suit
An initial review of the Ultra Breeze Bee Suit.


Bee Suit Demonstration
More Info and Ordering here: Our Bee Suit with matching Veil is featured. Leather Bee Gloves ...


Vented Bee Jacket Is Here - Now I'm Sting Proof
Find similar vented jackets through this affiliate link A more affordable non vented jacket can be found through this link ...


Bee Suits and How to Select Bee Suits That Fit and ...
Http:// - Learn about bee suits and protecting yourself from bees with the classic hooded bee suit for full body protection from bees and ...


Relocating Beehive in Homemade Bee Suits
The Boys need to relocate a bees nest without creating a swarm, and create their own Bee Suits for the job. | For more, visit ...


Ultra Breeze! Sting Proof!!??
First time in the bee yard with the Ultra Breeze bee suit!


A swarm of bees engulf man Produced & Directed by John Downer Productions Narrated by David Tennant Music composed by Will Gregory & Stuart Gordon ...


Beekeeping Basics : How to Put on a Beekeeping Suit
Working with bees means protecting against bee sting. Learn about beekeeping and putting on a beekeeping suit in this free apiary video. Expert: Tom Emde ...


Catching a swarm of bees. No bee suit needed Running commentary throughout
I am a natural bee guardian. this video is about collecting a natural swarm of bees with informative chat. No bee suit is used as swarm bees are very gentle if ...

Beekeepers clothing for sale on Amazon UK

Bee Suit, OUTERDO Protective Beekeeping Veil Smock Beekeeper Suit Coat Jacket Equipment with Hat
Beekeeping Jacket with hat
100% Brand New
Material: Cotton
Color: White
Suit Shoulder Width: 38cm
Sleeve Length: 55cm
Hat Diameter: 39cm
Hat Height: 27cm
Veil: 27.5 x 21cm (L x W)
-High quality, tough polyester cotton with elasticated cuffs and waist band.
-Good visibility, round hat design, keep the bees away from your face.
-With elasticated cuffs and waistband, prevent bees entering clothing.
Fit for most adult
Package include:
1 X Bee Suit Smock
List Price: £22.05
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £12.79   
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Insect Cottage Bee and Bug Home Insect Hotel
Insect Cottage
A natural nesting and hibernating environment for lacewings, ladybirds, solitary bees and many other beneficial insects. Constructed from untreated bamboo and pine it provides a hard wearing waterproof home. It will encourage and provide shelter for pollinating insects that help with human food production so they are welcome in gardens and worth providing accommodation for. The Insect cottage consists of a pine outer box with a roof with lots of bamboo canes and drilled softwood inside . A functional and attractive garden ornament for anyone interested in wildlife and nature.
The best location for your Insect Hotel
Location is important to get the maximum number of insect guests to visit your bee and bug house. It should be set up in a sheltered spot away from the prevailing wind. Solitary bees prefer a sunny spot in direct sunlight other insects prefer a damper environment. If you have a large flower bed, pond or hedge where there is already an abundance of wildlife you will find your hotel will fill up more quickly if sited near to these population centres.
List Price: £12.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £12.00   
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By: Bee Proof Suits.  

Beekeepers bee Suit with twin hoop ROUND HAT AND VEIL - All sizes (Large)
Complete bee Suit with round hat and veil (All sizes) The suit is made of Hard wearing pre shrunk 100% polyester/cotton. I have had this suit designed for great visibility, protection and comfort ~ Features include ~ * Machine washable suit * Elasticated hat liner to stop hat annoying movement while working * Detachable twin hoop veil with excellent visibility * Elasticised waist, ankles and wrists with thumb loops * Ankle zips * 9 pockets (Two in each arm, Two breast pockets with pen compartment, two waist pockets and One long leg pocket for your hive tool) * Reinforced knee patches * Detachable hat / hood for separate hand washing Choosing your suit size: (This guide allows for your clothing worn underneath) CHILDRENS SMALL Height: 4'4"(132cm) up to 5'2"(147cm) Average age 8-12 Chest up to 32"(81cm) inside leg to 24" (61cm) CHILDRENS LARGE Height: 4'10"(147cm) up to 5'2"(157cm) Average age 11-14 Chest up to 34"(86cm) inside leg to 28"(71cm) EXTRA SMALL Height: 5'2"' (157cm) up to 5' 5"(165cm), chest to 34"(81cm), inside leg up to 30" (75cm) SMALL Height: 5'4"(163cm) up to 5' 6"(167cm), chest: up to 36"(92cm), inside leg up to: 32" (81cm) MEDIUM Height: Up to 5' 7"(171cm), chest: up to 39"(100cm), inside leg up to 33"(83cm) LARGE Height: up to 5'10''(178cm), chest: up to 44"(112cm), inside leg up to 34"(88cm) XL Height: up to 6' (183cm) chest: up to 46"(117cm), inside leg up to 35"(90cm) 2XL Height: up to 6'2"(188cm), chest up to 48"(122cm), Inside leg up to 35"(90cm) 3XL Height: up to 6' 4"(194cm), chest: up to 50"(127cm), inside leg up to 36"(92cm) 4XL Height: up to 6'4"(194cm), chest up to 52"(132cm), Inside leg up to 36"(92cm) 5XL Height: up to 6' 4"(194cm), chest: up to 54"(137cm), inside leg up to 37"(92cm)
List Price: £37.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £37.99   
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By: Simonthebeekeeper.  

Professional Beekeeping Jacket Veil Protective Equipment---White

Features :

100% Brand new and high quality
Brand new well made white jacket and veil, lightweight and cool for hot weather.
Strong, tough cotton with elasticated cuffs and waist band, keep the bees out.
Popular round hat design, strong rings keep the bees well away from your face, great all round visibility.
Veil attached by a zipper and made from strong black net
One section pocket at the front.
Colour : White
Material: High-quality cotton
Size : fit for most adults. 

Suit shoulder width : Approx. 66cm/25.98"

Sleeve length : Approx.56cm/22.04"

Hat diameter :Approx. 37cm /approx. 14.56"

Hat height:Approx. 15cm / 5.9"

Veil L x W: Apporx.18 x 34cm/7.08 x 13.38"

Package Includes:

1x Beekeeping Jacket Veil

List Price: £5.44
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £5.44   
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By: Generic.  

Beekeepers SPARE BEE VEIL / HOOD for Jackets and Suits
Beekeepers REPLACEMENT VEIL for Jackets and suits *Fencing / Astronaught style* This is a REPLACEMENT VEIL with complete double ring zip. Made of 100% substantial Cotton fabric for hard wearing. The veil can be removed for hand washing. (not suitable for machine washing) Features - * Full 3.5cm wide zip * 39cm high * Excellent visibility with 22cm wide front * The zip measures 86cm around the veil
List Price: £11.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £10.99   
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By: Simonthebeekeeper.  

Bee Proof Suits - Large Bee Smoker - Stainless Steel Beekeepers Bee Hive Smoker
Constructed from from stainless steel, this large smoker has a strong outer safety cage, and an inner fire base. Removable bellows with the Bee Proof Suits logo on the back, featuring a clip to keep the bellows closed when not in use.
List Price: £20.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £20.00   
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By: Bee Proof Suits.  

NATURAL APIARY - Apiarist Beekeeping Suit - White - (All-in-One) - Fencing Veil - Total Protection for Professional & Beginner Beekeepers - Medium



At Natural Apiary Your Safety Is Priority. That's why we only use the best fabrics,
reliable YKK Zips and tough stitching for Protection when you Need it Most

When you buy Natural Apiary you can be sure you are investing in the very Best
Protective Clothing Specifically Designed for Beekeepers.


• 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 220 GSM

• Complete with an Easy Zip on zip off Fencing Style Veil

• Elasticised Wrists and Ankles

• Reinforced Extra Thick Collar Offering Extra Protection for your Neck


• Extra Strong YKK Zips used throughout

• Fully Elasticised Waist to accommodate a greater range of body sizes

• Hive Tool Pockets are suitable for both Right and Left handed beekeepers

• Machine Washable


• Large Pockets

• Car Key/Shed Key Fob


• Collar to Ankle 66" (168cm)
• Collar to Crotch 38" (96cm)
• Chest 34"- 51" (88-132cm)
• Waist 34"- 51" (88-132cm)
• Leg 34" (83cm)
• Arm 22" (57cm)

We Strongly Recommend you measure:
Shoulder/Collar to Ankle - To Determine Length of Suit Needed
Waist & Chest Diameter - To Determine Width of the Suit Needed
Collar to Crotch - For Best Fit, So Suit Doesn't Pull On Your Shoulders or Crotch
• Add 1 Inch (2.5cm) to your measurements, for a comfortable suit that will give you ample room to move

FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. Natural Apiary stand behinds it products. If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, contact us to arrange a return for your money or replace the product!

List Price: £49.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £49.99   
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By: Natural Apiary.  

Wooden Owl House Nesting Box for Owls Bird house
This owl house is designed specifically to attract and shelter barn owls, tawny owls, little owls and short eared owls but will also accommodate kestrels and large birds. The owl house features a deep nesting region keeps chicks safe and comfortable. The sloped wooden roof shields house from the weather. The front panel is hinged to open for easy cleaning once the chicks have left the box and for checking on the young inside. The owl box can be positioned inside or outside of buildings, on trees or a pole. Where to put your owl box At least 4 metres high. With an opening or hole at least 3 metres above ground level which overlooks open countryside. Where the owl house can be positioned over three metres above the ground. Where the owl box access hole is visible to an owl from the most likely entrance point. Near an area of open grassland or country
List Price: £35.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £35.00   
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By: Bee Proof Suits.  

Beekeepers jacket with Zip and fencing / astronaught hood EXTRA LARGE
Beekeepers Jacket with fencing veil and front zip *Extra Large* This Jacket is great quality can often be found selling for twice this price. Made of 100% substantial Cotton fabric for hard wearing. It can be machine washed and the veil can be fully removed. This Jacket has a front zip (I also sell the PULL OVER /TUNIC style) Compare these features - * For Male/Female (unisex) * Full front zip * Excellent visibility with large fencing/spaceman veil * Elasticated waist, and wrists with thumb loops * Breast and arm pockets * Detachable fencing style hood for washing Choosing your size: (This guide allows for your clothing worn underneath) Choosing your size: CHILDRENS SMALL to height 4' 4"(132cm)) Average age 7-12 chest to 32" (81cm) CHILDRENS LARGE to height to 4'8"(142cm)) Average age 12-14 Chest to 34"(86cm) EXTRA SMALL to height 5' (152cm) chest: up to 35"(90cm) SMALL to height 5' 3"(160cm) chest: up to 36"(92cm) MEDIUM height: up to 5' 6"(168cm), chest: up to 38"(97cm) LARGE to height: 5'9'' (175cm), chest: up to 40"(102cm XL height: up to 6' (183cm) chest: up to 45"(114cm 2XL Height up to 6'2"(188cm) Chest up to 48"(122cm)
List Price: £27.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £27.99   
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By: simonthebeekeeper.  

Beeekeepers Arm protectors / Sleeves / Gauntlets
A favourite place for getting stung is on the wrist where bare skin can be 'on offer' where the suit sleeve ends or where the forearm area gets a little sweaty on a hot summers day. The sleeves fit over your glove and suit sleeves, smoothing out those creases where rogue bees get caught when letting you know you're not really wanted.This extra layer gives you full protection and one less thing to worry about during your visit. The sleeves are elasticated at each end and perfect to use with any beekeepers leather, Ruberised or latex glove.
List Price: £4.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £4.99   
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By: simonthebeekeeper.  

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