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Beekeeping For Beginners and Beekeeping Basics - Off Grid Living
The best beginners beekeeper program out there, Just Click Here. Beekeeping for Beginners and beekeeping basics. I am pretty ...


Beginning Beekeeping: Collecting Honey Without Extractor - GSB S1 E4
It's true. I can't keep up with my son! The Golden Son Beekeeper does his beekeeping duties with or without a camera man. There's a lot of inspections and other ...


Beekeeping with Cody 2016: Installing bees
I put the packages of bees that I ordered into their boxes. Help me make videos by donating here:


Bad Beekeeping Mistake
Today we are going to check on a beehive that we split a month ago. also I am going to use "diatomaceous earth" to get rid off small hive beetle and ants. We are ...


Beginner Beekeeping Ep 1 - The difference between a Flow™ Hive and a Langstroth hive
Flow Hive's backyard beekeeping expert Louise looks at the differences between the most common types of beehives to help you decide which is the best ...


Starting Beekeeping - Vlog Week 1 Season 1
I am a beekeeper now and I love doing it. In this video I am showing you how I am Installing Package Bees into the Hive. These are my first hives ever. Hope you ...


Tips for Getting Started in Beekeeping
Interested in beekeeping but just don't know where to begin? Here are some tips and tricks to help you know where to start. If you are interested in joining one of ...


Beekeeping - Splitting an Angry Hive (Africanized Bees?)
I'm a terrible beekeeper. That's a thought that keeps coming to mind when I struggle keeping up with the bees. The truth is I like to take care of the bees but often ...


I was keen to show off my full frames of honey plus my NEW BOXES!!!


Beekeeping in shorts. Adding a second brood box. Too hot for pants.
Wearing shorts for the first time beeping. No stings. Just did one little bee dance when one crawled up my leg.

Beekeeping for sale on Amazon UK

Gardman A01158 Universal Squirrel Baffle with Hook
Supplied with adaptors to fit the majority of our pole based feeding accessories
List Price: £19.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £12.99   
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By: Gardman.  

Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Bird Feeder
Squirrel Proof Die Cast feeder suitable for all types of seed mix, sunflower seed and peanut bites Heavy duty Cast cage provides maximum resistance to squirrels and larger birds With FeedSafe biocidal coating which kills bacteria on contact
List Price: £16.69
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £15.95   
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By: Gardman.  

Wildlife World Solitary Bee Hive

List Price: £24.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £18.90   
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By: Wildlife World.  

Bee Hotel & Flower Seeds for Bees by Plant Theatre - Excellent Gift Idea
The Bee Hotel is a great way to help boost the population of bees in your garden. Bees are probably the most important pollinators of crops and other plants. Unfortunately, many bee species are in decline due to loss of nesting and feeding habitats. Not all bees live in hives, this Bee Hotel mimics the conditions suitable for non aggressive and non swarming solitary bees which like to nest in tiny spaces ranging from hollow stems to holes in deadwood. The wooden stems in the Bee Hotel are of different lengths adding authenticity to the habitat. Ideally placed in a sunny position, preferably south facing, a number of bee species could take up residence but those most likely are Red Mason bees, Blue Mason bees, Leaf Cutter bees and White faced bees. The Flower Seeds for Bees have been specially selected to attract bees and other beneficial insects to your garden. This colourful blend of hardy annuals is easy to grow and includes Cornflowers, Candytuft, Zinnia, Poppy, Nigella, Silene and many other varieties which flower throughout the summer. The Bee Hotel and Flowers for Bees will make a wonderful focal point to observe the activities of bees in your garden.
List Price: £24.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £18.99   
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By: Plant Theatre.  

Gardman Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder
The Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder is made using die-cast allow, stainless steel and polycarbonate. Features: Robust construction using die-cast alloy, stainless steel and polycarbonate Easy to fill and clean Can be used with a variety of accessories The Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder is part of a comprehensive range of contemporary designed tubular, squirrel resistant feeders.
List Price: £14.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £4.93   
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By: Gardman.  

Kingfisher Wooden Insect and Bee Hotel
This is beautiful, stylish and Attractive wooden novelty hanging insect hotel. Ready assembled. Packed in a full colour box. Attracts a wild variety of insects. It is ideal for any size of garden.
List Price: £6.42
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £4.95   
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By: King Fisher.  

Kingfisher Deluxe Donut Suet Fat Ball Feeder
Deluxe donut shaped suet fat ball feeder. Features a black powder coated steel feeder unit and hanging chain with a polished stainless steel lid. Holds up to 10 standard suet fat balls. * Holds 10 fat balls * Hanging chain * Powder coated steel
List Price: £6.98
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £6.98   
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By: King Fisher.  

Stainless Steel Beehive Tool J Hook Pry Trim Bar Beekeeping Equipment


Best choice for separating hive boxes, prying out frames, and scraping wax and propolis off of your bee boxes and frames
A very useful beekeeping equipment tool with a hanging hole
Total length: Approx. 26.5cm / 10.43 inch
Thickness: Approx. 3mm / 0.12 inch
Shovel heads width: Approx. 4.5cm / 1.77 inch
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Red + Silver

Package Includes:

1 x Stainless steel hive tool

List Price: £2.52
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £2.52   
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By: Generic.  

Gardman A10000 650 g Hedgehog Bites
Gardman Hedgehog Bites - 650g

Amazon’s Lowest Price: According to size   
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By: Gardman.  

Bee Suit, OUTERDO Protective Beekeeping Veil Smock Beekeeper Suit Coat Jacket Equipment with Hat
Beekeeping Jacket with hat
100% Brand New
Material: Cotton
Color: White
Suit Shoulder Width: 38cm
Sleeve Length: 55cm
Hat Diameter: 39cm
Hat Height: 27cm
Veil: 27.5 x 21cm (L x W)
-High quality, tough polyester cotton with elasticated cuffs and waist band.
-Good visibility, round hat design, keep the bees away from your face.
-With elasticated cuffs and waistband, prevent bees entering clothing.
Fit for most adult
Package include:
1 X Bee Suit Smock
List Price: £19.98
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £11.99   
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