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Western Red Cedar Vs. Sugar Pine Hives
We walk you through the differences between Western Red Cedar and Sugar Pine to help you decide which wood choice is best for your hive. Shop Now: ...


Cedar Bee Hive
Last winter was hard on bees and bee keepers. It was an unusually long and rainy winter and many hives perished. I decided to try my hand at making a better ...


Wax Dipped Cedar Hive box
A look at a wax-dipped Cedar Hive box vs an untreated Cedar Hive box.


Cedar Top Bar Bee Hive
Here is my Cedar Top Bar Bee Hive about one month after installing the honey bees that I bought from California. Check out my website ...


Flow Hive 2 - walk through the features with Cedar Anderson
Flow Hive 2 new release! We've listened to community feedback and Flow Hive 2 is packed with features to make it the most user friendly Flow Hive yet.


Beekeeping: Staining & Weatherproofing English Garden Beehives
There is more to this video than the title indicates. You might be surprised. For me the Helmsman urethane waterproofing did not protect my hive boxes from the ...


Sedwick's Cedar Bee Box
This bee box was made using our western red cedar. For more information on Rustic Lumber Company check out our site at


Harvesting Honey from our Cedar Top Bar Bee Hive from
My wife's first time video taping me harvesting some honey out of our hive. I have been harvesting about a gallon of honey off of two top bars every other week ...


Bee in cedar
Honeybee dancing in a pile of Cedar sawdust.


Cedar applying Tung oil to a Western Red Cedar beehive box
Tung oil hardens when exposed to air, making the western red cedar we're using for the Flow Boxes even more durable. It also makes it more beautiful -- as you ...


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