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Did ya cedar bees? Who does not like catching swarms of bees? I mean seriously, nobody can say no to free bees, especially if they were as easy ...


Western Red Cedar Vs. Sugar Pine Hives
We walk you through the differences between Western Red Cedar and Sugar Pine to help you decide which wood choice is best for your hive. Shop Now: ...


Cedar Bee Hive
Last winter was hard on bees and bee keepers. It was an unusually long and rainy winter and many hives perished. I decided to try my hand at making a better ...


Cedar Bee- To Love Is To Give
My beautiful daughter Cedar singing in the studio whilst recording my new album. I hope it makes your day a bit brighter xx Join my mailing list ...


Why the world needs backyard inventors | Cedar Anderson | TEDxBrisbane
Inventor and entrepreneur Cedar Anderson shares the development journey of the Flow Hive, the revolutionary design that delivers honey on tap and allows ...


#2 Honey bee swarm in cedar tree at Davis Family Farms.


Bee in cedar
Honeybee dancing in a pile of Cedar sawdust.


Flow™ Hive honey harvesting
Watch as Cedar explains in detail how to harvest honey using a Flow™ Hive For more into:


Solitary Bee Nesting in Cedar
I was canvassing the yard to see where solitary bees may be nesting. Found one! In a 4"x4" post. Another hole in the post is plugged up, likely with something ...


Carpenter Bees - Millie Davenport
Hi, I am Millie Davenport, a horticulture Extension agent with the Clemson University Home & Garden Information Center. Today well talk about carpenter bees.


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