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Cedar applying Tung oil to a Western Red Cedar beehive box
Tung oil hardens when exposed to air, making the western red cedar we're using for the Flow Boxes even more durable. It also makes it more beautiful -- as you ...


Western Red Cedar Vs. Sugar Pine Hives
Rebekah, Bee Thinking Education Coordinator, walks you through the differences between Western Red Cedar and Sugar Pine to help you decide which wood ...


Cedar Bee Hive
Last winter was hard on bees and bee keepers. It was an unusually long and rainy winter and many hives perished. I decided to try my hand at making a better ...


Cedar Bee- To Love Is To Give
My beautiful daughter Cedar singing in the studio whilst recording my new album. I hope it makes your day a bit brighter xx Join my mailing list ...


Homemade Carpenter Bee Trap
Making homemade carpenter bee traps.


Custom Cedar Beehives
Custom Cedar beehives.


Western Red Cedar Flow Hive walk through
Watch Cedar give a full rundown on what's included in a Western Red Cedar Complete Flow™ Hive and how it all fits together. For more details visit: ...


Bee in cedar
Honeybee dancing in a pile of Cedar sawdust.


Russian Honey Bees Asheville, NC Cedar Hive Bodies
Russian Honey Bees in Asheville, NC. Video was taken in June of 2010. At the end, my dog was getting a little close to the entrance of the hive. I built the hives ...


Flow™ Hive Full Reveal
It's the beekeepers dream, turn a tap right on your beehive and watch pure fresh honey flow right out of your Flow™ hive and into your Jar! No mess no fuss and ...


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