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This speedy composter turns food one day into fertilizer the next
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Composters for sale on Amazon UK

300 Litre Garden Composter Bin Waste Box Recycling Eco Compost
300 L Garden Composter Made from durable weatherproof plastic for yearlong use, this garden composter holds a massive 300L of organic water. Composting is an eco-friendly way to make use of fruit and vegetable scraps, grass cuttings, dried leaves, crushed egg shells, coffee grounds and more. The composter is designed to transform the waste into compost without filling your garden with a horrible, decomposing smell. A hinged lid and hatch door enable you to easily fill and empty the composter. No tools are needed for assembly with the parts simply clicking together. Large garden composter holds 300 litres Durable weatherproof plastic design Eco-friendly way to deal with organic waste Hinged lid to easily fill with organic waste Hatch door to easily empty compost when ready Easy to assemble - no tools required Composter size (cm): H83 x W61 x D61
List Price: £31.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £25.95   
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By: MTS.  

Westland 10L Cacti Compost
Westland Cacti Compost 10 Litre
List Price: £4.96
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £3.99   
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By: Westlands Horticulture Ltd.  

Vitax 10Kg Compost Maker
Vitax 10Kg Compost Maker
List Price: £13.50
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £5.99   
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By: Vitax Ltd.  

Garotta Compost Maker, 3.5 kg
Garotta Compost Maker 3.5kg
List Price: £5.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £3.77   
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By: Westland.  

Miracle Gro All Purpose Compost 50ltr
Grows plants twice as big as ordinary garden soils|Contains Smart Release Feed granules for a season long feed|Use in beds and borders, hanging baskets, pots and containers
List Price: £11.29
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £8.99   
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By: Miracle Gro.  

Levington John Innes No.3 25 litres- Mature Plant Compost
perfect for the final potting of plants into pots or outdoor containers. provides a long-term home with good drainage and stability.
List Price: £9.91
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £6.99   
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By: Levington.  

Large Compost Caddy - Green - for Food Waste Recycling (23 Litre) - 23L Plastic Composting Kerbside Bin with Composting Guide
23L Kerbside Caddy/Large Kitchen Compost Bin This large plastic caddy is ideal for home food waste composting. In Green colour with a robust black handle, this caddy has a smooth, wipe-clean interior which is easy to keep clean! It's a good-quality, sturdy caddy and great for being kept in the garage or outside. In fact if you generate a lot of waste, you might keep it indoors too! The close-fitting lid keeps moisture and odours trapped inside, while the clever durable one-piece carry handle makes it easy to carry and tip to empty. The handle forms a lock to the lid ensuring that spillage is avoided and acts as a liner trap to secure compostable liners. It is supplied with a guide to composting that is produced by and only available from All-Green. Size (Excluding handle): 320mm (w) x 400mm (d) x 405mm (h)
List Price: £15.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £13.99   
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By: All-Green.  

Miracle-Gro Expand n Gro Concentrated Enriched Compost Bag, 17 L

Size: 50 Litres

Fills Approximately:

7 x 25cm Pots

3 x 32cm Pots

1 x 42cm

7 x Hanging Baskets


List Price: £19.98
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £19.98   
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By: Scotts Miracle-Gro.  

Eddingtons Compost Pail, Buttercream
Eddingtons Compost Pail / Bin Buttercream
List Price: £15.88
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £11.38   
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By: Eddingtons.  

105 Litre Tumbling Composter - Speeds up process - Effortless turning - Easy to assemble - Aeration and mixing system - Heavy Duty structure - Suitable for year round use - Recycled Plastic contained composter - Rat Free solution.

The easy, painless way to compost.

This tumbling composter is perfect for everyone wishing to produce their own fast free compost at home, school or work place. It is built with the mechanism of recycling the rubbish within the tumbling composter chamber itself. The simple locking system of the composter helps facilitate effortless turning of the compost heap, which makes the composter light and easy to use, so is suitable for all to use.

Speed up the process of composting.

The internal aeration of tumbling composter accelerates the process of composting, so the entire composting process is finished within just 3-4 weeks, saving time on the usual 9 week process. It also saves you the hard work of using the lengthy process of turning garden and kitchen waste into compost, with its practical way to combine it all together. The composter also has mixing bars to stimulate the decomposition process.

Clean, all year round composter.

The tumbling composter provides a much cleaner process to composting. The previous mess of owning a compost heap can all be contained within the composter. The composter is easy to assemble and is a heavy duty composter for use all year round. It also has a UV protective covering. The contained compost heap means that common composting issues, such as flies and rats can be eliminated.


105 Liter /27.7 Gallon / 3.7 cubic feet

Product dimentions (cm/inch):

L: 95.0 / 37.4

W: 60.0 / 23.6

H: 84.0 / 33.7

Product Weight (Kg/Lbs):

5.6 / 12.4

List Price: £51.15
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £51.15   
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By: Best4Garden.  

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