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The Perfect Compost Recipe - How to Get Your Compost Heap Cooking!
Compost is the very best food you can give to the plants in your garden. However, making really great compost requires the right mix of ingredients. In this video ...


Making compost from garden and other wastes, the principles and some results
I explain green and brown ingredients, using coffee and other wastes including roots of perennial weeds and blighted leaves. What size pieces to add, what ...


Composting - How To Make Your Own Compost At Home
Learn what is composting and how to make compost the easy way using kitchen scraps and food waste. Turn vegetable and fruit scraps into compost.


How To Start Your Own Compost
Here in San Francisco, residents are given a free bin to collect compost materials. This is in an effort to eliminate all waste in landfills. Tara explains how you can ...


Everything You Know About Composting is Wrong: Mike McGrath at TEDxPhoenixville
Mike hosts the nationally syndicated public radio show You Bet Your Garden, which airs every Saturday at 11am on WHYY-FM (90.9) in Philadelphia. "You Bet ...


Comparing growth of the same vegetables, with mulches of different composts
Observing growth and measuring harvests from two strips of ground at Homeacres, 6.5x29.5ft, 2x9m. One strip (no.3) is mulched each winter with 2in/5cm ...


The Clash of the Composts!
Http:// I just realized that I have a lot of basil seeds, and a lot of different types of compost sitting around I came up with the ...


Free Fungally Dominated Compost & Mulch
We've been using fungally dominated compost and mulch in our garden for years, and we've done so without ever purchasing packaged compost or mulch ...


An Odorless Micro-Ecosystem That Composts For You
This micro-ecosystem lets you compost inside your home. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ...


Elaine Ingham on Mollases in your Compost Tea? How to make Fungal Composts - Composting with The
Read the entire soil chapter edited & peer-reviewed by Elaine Ingham as well as DOWNLOAD FOR FREE Matt Powers' new, internationally acclaimed book The ...


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