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Hydropod Cuttings Propagator Features On BBC Gardeners' World
We're over the moon our Hydropod Cuttings Propagator has been featured on BBC's Gardeners' World. Watch this short video to see our Hydropod in action ...


How To Use A Heated Propagator
See our detail page on heated propagators here: See our step by guide on how to use a heated propagator. The video shows how we use our ...


Our Secret to Making Clones in 8 Days
Cloning in 8 days. Clonex Solution + Clear Rez per instructions should be added a day before cloning. That way u have 24 hours to stablize at 5.9 pH and max ...


Quick cloning tips video. How to root faster and with more root mass
Sorry super thrive is not the rooting hormone feed I use. I use KLN By dyna-gro I also use a Kelp that I found in Canada that is the best I have ever used. So hard ...


Hydropod Cuttings Propagator - Transplanting Coleus Cuttings
These Coleus cuttings have been propagating in the Hydropod Cuttings propagator for 2 weeks and are ready to be transplanted into 9cm pots. The Hydropod ...


Plant Propagation of Rooted Cuttings in a Greenhouse
The products I use - This is the first video in a series to show how to root plant cuttings in a nursery and simpler techniques for ...


Setting Up Propagation Lights with a Vitopod Propagator
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Propagate Thousands of Cuttings Easily? Learn How to Build the Ultimate Plant Propagation Frame.
Buy the Video Here: WARNING!!! THIS IS A TRAILER!!! You can propagate thousands of cuttings with this plant propagation ...


Cloning Plants—You Have Options!
Taking cuttings (aka clones) from mother plants isn't complicated. We run through three different techniques—propagation plugs in a propagator, aerocloning ...


Propagation Station Set-Up
Learn how to set-up a propagation station for your indoor garden. Use with clones, a clone machine and seedlings. Hydrodynamics International Research ...


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