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Hydropod Cuttings Propagator Features On BBC Gardeners' World
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Propagating Cuttings - Vitopod Heated Propagator
Http:// Theres nothing more rewarding than growing your plants from seeds or cuttings.


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Hydropod Cuttings Propagator - For Softwood & Hardwood Cuttings
Watch our video & learn how you can mprove your cuttings success rate the professional way with our Hydropod Cuttings Propagator. Cleverly sprays a mist ...


Hydropod Cuttings Propagator - Transplanting Coleus Cuttings
These Coleus cuttings have been propagating in the Hydropod Cuttings propagator for 2 weeks and are ready to be transplanted into 9cm pots. The Hydropod ...


How To Take Cuttings: Hydropod Cuttings Propagator
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Setting Up Propagation Lights with a Vitopod Propagator
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DIY - Use Honey to Root your Plant Cuttings - Green Renaissance
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Cuttings propagator for sale on Amazon USA

A good-quality propagator for seeds and cuttings, made in the West Midlands by Garland. Sturdy, full-size, injection-moulded tray with strong rims and multiple, 2-tier drainage holes. Generous depth of 6cm allows for healthy plant development, and the higher than average clear plastic lid is made from a superior, shatterproof plastic.
List Price: $19.52
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $19.52   
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By: Garland.  

Rootrainers Deep (12cm)
A Unique and re-usable propagating system for seeds, cuttings and miniplugs. The award-winning Rootrainer quickly encourages straight fibrous roots for superior, healthier plants. The rows of cells open up like a book for easy transplanting with no root disturbance. Just fill with compost (preferably peat free!), plant your seeds, water and then cover with the included clear propagating lid. Once plants start emerging, use the propagating lid as a drip tray and grow on in a sunny place. Rootrainers are also perfect for cuttings. Almost anything can be grown from a cutting. It's a cheap and easy way to obtain more plants - luckily Rootrainers excel with cuttings of all types. Just make sure the soil is kept nice and moist and the propagator lid is used until roots start to form. And remember, when using Rootrainers, you don't need to re-pot before transplanting into the ground - the amazing root mass they produce eliminates this need. Rootrainers air-prune the roots. This air-pruning encourages lateral growth and thus develops a stronger, more vigorous root system. Once you've tried this amazing product, you'll never want to start your plants any other way.
List Price: $31.43
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $31.43   
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By: Haxnicks.  

2 Haxnicks Deep Rootrainers Plug Plant Propagator Set: stronger seeds & cuttings
The ever-popular Rootrainers give seeds and cuttings the best possible start, by allowing strong and straight root formation. Plants grow faster and stronger, and have a much better chance of thriving after transplantation. The cells open for easy removal of plug plants which minimises damage to the roots. They can be used again and again, too, so are extremely cost effective.

The Deep Rootrainer set has 32 reusable cells, each 12cm (5") deep, with holding tray and propagating lid. It's especially good for runner beans, broad beans, sweetcorn, peas, french beans, sunflowers, wallflowers, sweetpeas and strawberries.

Please note: the propagators come in a plain brown box instead of the coloured sleeve, enabling us to pass on the saving to you. Rootrainer cells are also available separately as 'books'.

List Price: $53.82
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $53.82   
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By: Haxnicks.  

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