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How to grow Fig Trees with detailed description
The products I use - This video contains details on how to plant and grow fig trees. These large growing fruiting plants can reach as high ...


How to Grow Figs - Complete Growing Guide
Figs are some of the most highly prized fruits, rich in fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants, they often cost a lot in stores due to their short shelf life. Now you can grow ...


OMG! Why Cut "The Giving 'Fig' Tree" To A Stump? | Pruning | Grafting | Sealing & MORE
Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from discusses (1) history of the fig & traditional/ holistic medical uses, (2) pruning techniques, ...


Container Sizes for FIG TREES
In this video, I talk about choosing what size pot or container is best for growing fig trees. I've gone through quite a bit now and it seems like the bigger the better.


Growing Fig Trees in the South
The Fig is one of the first fruits that man consumed. In this video, I will explain how to eat figs fresh, how to grow them and a little history on the fig tree.


Fig Tree In Containers Quick Tips
Imagine growing a beautiful fig tree in a container. All the figs have gotten large only to fall of and have dried out inside. We here i show you how to correct those ...


How to promote branching & fruiting by pinching fig trees
I demonstrate and explain how and why pinching is done on fig trees. I am a forum member of: (figgyfrank) and (F. Bennett)


Bunny Wailer - Fig Tree
Bunny Wailer - Fig Tree. Traccia n°6 dall' album "Blackheart Man" del 1976.


My Most Important Tip for Productive Fig Trees
In this video I show you guys what I believe to be immensely important to my success growing figs in containers in a short season climate. It starts now in the ...


How the fig tree strangles other plants for survival in the rainforest - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife
These creepy fig trees work their way around other trees until they're totally enclosed and die. From the BBC.


Fig Trees for sale on Amazon UK

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