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How To Make a Fruit Picker
Home made Tools to pick the fruit from the tree وسیله ای برای چیدن میوه ازدرخت if you like to help sharing my videos in other language you can help me by translating...


How to Pick Fruit high up on Trees
Buy your own picker today and save money over time: UK: USA slightly different design however still works!: The problem we face is that sometimes...


Ames True Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester Product Review
This post is an Ames True Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester Product Review. This product allows you to harvest fruit from a tree without the need to climb the tree or use a ladder. The Product...


My Homemade Fruit Picker
Here I show you my homemade fruit picker that I quickly put together using a plastic jug and an old tree trimming pole.


PVC PIPE cherry picker project - PVC life hack fruit picker
Our "Dwarf Cherry" grew to 20' tall in just 4 years. this year it actually fruited and most of the fruit is too high to safely reach. so i decided to make a homemade fruit picker out of the...


How To Make a Simple Fruit Picker
How to make your own Asian Pear (or any fruit that is hard to reach) picker using materials you already have around the house and in less than 5 minutes. To make your homemade fruit picker,...


Fruit Picking Tool
This is a video of a man using a fruit picking tool in El Salvador. This tool is just a cut in half plastic jug connected to the end of a long stick. From watching this tool in use to pick...


fruit picker
This thing saves you getting up a ladder to pick fruit. a lot safer and easier.


Avocado fruit picker 1
Easy homemade fruit picker.


Apple and Fruit Picking Hack
Forget the ladder. Use this hack to get your apples. Get your custom picker hook for $8.00 at


Fruit picking tools for sale on Amazon UK

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