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How to build a Garden Obelisk
In this video I make a DIY Garden Obelisk - a great addition to any garden! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching!


How to DIY a garden obelisk for climbing plants
Gardening expert, Carson Arthur shows us how to make this beautiful wooden obelisk to put in your garden.


Garden Obelisk Trellis Build Part One: The Legs
In Part One of this three-part series you'll see how to mill the three legs straight and true for trouble-free assembly of this complex triangular obelisk trellis.


Carrie's Garden Makeover
Carrie Bettencourt shares how she was able to turn the backyard of her new home into a thriving garden with Gardener's CedarLast Line. CedarLast Raised Bed ...


How to weave a garden obelisk
In this video ,I will show you how to make a quick and easy obelisk using willow.


Coral Coast Garden Obelisk - Product Review Video
For more details or to shop this Coral Coast obelisk visit Hayneedle at


Obelisk Project: The Sky's the Limit
Making an obelisk is an easy garden project. Find a plan on the internet, there are lots of possibilities.


Anchoring an obelisk | The Classic Garden
In this episode of The Classic Garden Edith will explain how to anchor a cedar garden obelisk. Learn more at


How to make a willow obelisk plant support
Watch master craftsman Jenny Crisp as she shows how to weave a tall plant support or obelisk. She makes it from freshly coppiced willow in spring, in a few ...


How to Build a Garden Tuteur
Watch this video about building a garden tuteur to learn how to build your own structure easily with branches, glue, screws and string to support your climbing ...


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