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How to DIY a garden obelisk for climbing plants
Gardening expert, Carson Arthur shows us how to make this beautiful wooden obelisk to put in your garden.


Garden Obelisk Trellis Build Part One: The Legs
In Part One of this three-part series you'll see how to mill the three legs straight and true for trouble-free assembly of this complex triangular obelisk trellis. Plus learn how to make and...


How to build a Garden Obelisk with Gary at Bents Garden & Home
Gary from our Hard Goods team, explains how to build a wooden, garden obelisk.


How to make a willow obelisk plant support
Watch master craftsman Jenny Crisp as she shows how to weave a tall plant support or obelisk. She makes it from freshly coppiced willow in spring, in a few easy steps. Filmed at our home garden,...


Anchoring an obelisk | The Classic Garden
In this episode of The Classic Garden Edith will explain how to anchor a cedar garden obelisk. Learn more at


Going Up
Making an obelisk is an easy garden project. Find a plan on the internet, there are lots of possibilities. My obelisk is adapted from:


Garden Obelisk Trellis Part 3: Cutting SHARP Compound Angles
NOTE: This video is a duplicate of the first release but is viewable in HD1080p resolution... my apologies if you're a subscriber who gets two notifications for the same upload... Cutting SHARP...


Garden Obelisk Trellis Part 2: Making Finial Blanks
In Part 2 of this 3-part Trellis build project watch how to cut large hexagonal finial blanks from laminated cedar 2x6 lumber. Learn how to accurately mill standard framing lumber and glue...


Harrod Round Garden Obelisks
Our best selling Steel Round Garden Obelisk - this popular plant support is ideal for all your climbing plants, creating a superb focal point in the garden or border. https://www.harrodhorticultur...


The Obelisk Garden
The Obelisk garden is one of the many themed Gardens at the Naturecoast Botanical Gardens in Spring Hill, Florida.


Garden Obelisk for sale on Amazon USA


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