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IN FOCUS: TARPS - How and why we use them.
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Using a tarp to kill weeds and grass
We have been using a black tarp to help prepare our garden. We use the tarp to help with weed growth. ------------------------------------------- Tarp we use: ...


Straw Mulch and Tarps to Knock Down Weeds in Garden
Today laid down some straw to mulch the garden Music by ------- http://BAH.Farm -- Check out more at our Channel Thanks for ...


Pros & Cons of the Black Plastic Used in Vegetable Gardening : Garden Space
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How To Lay Weed Matting - DIY At Bunnings
You can help control the weeds in your garden beds by laying down some weed matting. This video from Bunnings Warehouse will show you how to make the ...


Bed preparation in JM Fortier's market garden
Here is how we prepare our permanent beds using minimum tillage techniques. To start off, our soil is covered with a UV treated black tarp for two to three weeks ...


How to Solarize Your Garden for Weed Prevention
MMM 74 - For as long as long as I can remember working in the garden in any form, the inevitable process of weeding has always been present. I had come to ...


Tarps! use them in garden. Excellent tool. High efficiency.
Does anyone know good software i can speed up a portion of a mp4 video with?


In continuation of our Farmsteading series we discuss a weeding technique popularized by Jean Martin Fortier: occultation. Using tarps to weed your garden is ...


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