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Mantis Tiller/Cultivator - Cuts Garden Work in Half
A new and better way to garden. The Mantis Tiller is a fun and easier way to rototill and cultivate the garden and do your landscaping. Sleek new design with ...


Best Middle Sized Garden Tiller to Buy = Husqvarna CRT900
Https:// We are showing the New Hasqvarna crt900 Tiller and how is works for us, this tiller really performed well even in heavy clay ...




THE NEW (used) TILLER. No more excuses. Time to till the garden.
I went and picked up a different tiller today, my old one died last year and was about 15 years old. Its time to till the garden, lets see how this one does. Huskee ...


Hand tiller for the garden hound dog Review
Spent all day today using a new garden tool called a garden tiller but it is manual so you to all the work! its crazy but works way better then I thought it would.


How To Till And Cultivate Your Garden
A garden is only as good as the soil that makes it. Having healthy soil for a garden or any type of landscaping is key. In this video we will be working with ...


How to Use a Garden Tiller – The Gardenquake Rear-Tine Tiller
Have you wanted to use a rear-tine garden tiller but didn't know how to operate one? In this instructional video, we introduce some gardeners to our ...


Electric tiller review Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller Joe 9-Amp
Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller Joe 9-Amp Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator Easy Assembly, easy to use. Took about half a minute to figure out how to use it properly.


Garden Rear Tine Tiller Rotavator TP700 from Titan Pro
Titan TP700 Rear Tine 7HP Petrol Tiller Our new Titan-pro Rotavator really is top of its class, with a 70cm tilling scope and a 35cm tilling depth it just knocks ...


Cold Start 5HP Briggs and Stratton MTD Garden Tiller -- Tilling the Garden - April 13, 2013
First start of the year for the 5HP Briggs and Stratton MTD Garden Tiller. Its MTD Model # 212-390-000. Had this for a quite a while an overkill for this little garden ...

Tillers for sale on Amazon UK

VonHaus Electronic 1050W Cultivator / Tiller

Getting your soil ready for gardening season has never been easier with the help of the VonHaus 1050W Tiller.  

Armed with 4 robust and sturdy blades, able to turn up soil of up to 22cm deep, this tiller will ensure your garden or allotments soil has the right combination of nutrients and other essential components to encourage plant, crop and vegetable growth. 

The VonHaus 1050W Tiller has been designed with efficiency and mobility in mind. The single handle affords you full control of the machine, ensuring the exact patch of soil you're aiming to till is reached, without damaging the surrounding area. Working with a tilling width of 32cm means that each length of the patch you cover will till a greater surface area, decreasing the time taken to complete what can often seem like a gargantuan task. 

Thanks to the impressive 10m power cord, you'll have the freedom to till over a large area without needing to worry about sticking overly close to your power source.

When working with any sort of machinery safety is paramount, therefore the VonHaus Tiller has been installed with an overload protection system that stops the motor before the blades become damaged or loosened under intense pressure. Similarly, an electric brake button is placed near the handle allowing for a quick and easy power down.



Rated Power Input: 1050W

Blade Speed: 380rpm

Cutting Width: 320mm

Maximum Tilling Depth: 220mm

10m cable

List Price: £119.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £69.99   
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By: VonHaus.  

Spear & Jackson Elements 3 Prong Cultivator

List Price: £15.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £15.99   
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By: Neill Tools T/A Spear Jackson.  

Spear & Jackson - Traditional Long Handled Stainless 3 Prong Cultivator 12"
Traditional is a garden tool range that really gets to grips with looking good and performing well

Features & Benefits:
- Mirror polished stainless steel head for rust resistance and minimal soil adhesion
- Weatherproofed hardwood shaft for greater durabilty
- Tanged for knuckle clearance

Blade Head Size - 3 pronged
Handle Size - 305mm 12"
List Price: £12.49
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £8.95   
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By: Neill Tools Ltd.  

Hyundai HYT140 139 cc 4-Stroke Petrol Garden Tiller and Cultivator, 2.5 kW

List Price: £224.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £224.99   
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By: Hyundai.  

Faithfull MPCULT Multi Prong Cultivator 900mm (6 Claw)

This steel T handled cultivator uses a twisting motion to loosen the soil. Ideal for breaking up soil in plant beds prior to planting.

Six heavy-duty blades make cultivating the soil effortless.

An ideal tool for quick cultivation of borders and vegetable patches.

0.9M powder coated steel shaft.

List Price: £15.46
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £11.10   
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By: Faithfull.  

Garden Gear Petrol Cultivator Tiller Air Cooled 2 Stroke Cylinder Engine - 42.7cc.
Make easy work of cultivating and tilling soil with the Garden Gear Powerful 42.7cc, Air Cooled, 2 Stroke Single Cylinder Engine Tiller.

Offering complete cordless operation and able to tackle the toughest of jobs with ease. Whether you need to level an area, such as an allotment or vegetable patch or just prepare new ground for planting, the tiller will turn over soil up to 20cm deep and 30 cm wide. For breaking up soil this heavy duty, but affordable and easy to use machine, is just the thing. Comfortable to use, and weighing a very manageable 15kg, all you have to is to fill the 0.9 litre petrol fuel tank, and get working.

Air cooled, 2 stroke cylinder engine with starter rope, please use standard 2 stroke oil.
Weighs just 15kg.
Hand operated throttle with safety on/off switch.
Includes blade guard and two-point safety switch. 20cm cultivating depth.
List Price: £249.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £159.99   
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By: Garden Gear.  

3.5MM X 2 METRES Push along petrol lawnmower engine recoil pull cord & free handle
60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 24 HOUR DISPATCH - QUICK DELIVERY TIMES 3.5MM Will fit your engine, we supply 2 metres in length but for most engines 1 metre is enough. You should have enough for two cords... including a free handle. This is a high density, high quality engine pull cord. Its woven structure gives it strength and it frays less than the other samples we tested, some of which simply unravelled. This cord was selected as it performed best in all tests... Buy it now... HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS JOB? We handle and dispatch all orders within 24 hours using standard delivery. We have customers who state they receive the next day with this service
List Price: £2.90
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £2.89   
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By: Quality recoil starter ropes & handles.  

CONNEX FLOR30684 Rolling Cultivator - Multi-Colour

List Price: £17.23
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £17.23   
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By: CON:P.  

Hand Fork & Trowel

List Price: £5.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £5.49   
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By: Precision Gardening tools.  

Small Gardening Tool Kit 3 Pieces(Trowel Cultivator Transplanter) Home Garden Lawn Potting Plant Care Equipment Rust Resistant Soft Touch Ergonomic Wooden Handle Design Perfect Gift for Garden Lovers (Wooden)

Small Gardening Tool Kit provides excellent comfort and durability to make digging, cultivating and transplanting.

  • Soft, contoured handle fits your hand naturally and encourages a neutral wrist position to help reduce hand stress and fatigue.
  • Polished and curved aluminum heads resist rust for lasting value and won't snap off.
  • Trowel is ideal for digging when planting, taking up plants, turning up earth and more.
  • Rake loosens soil, removes weeds and aerates soil with ease.
  • Transplanter features transplanting small plants and flowers.
  • Well built,long lasting, sturdy and good looking.

Perfect gift for gardening lovers. Ideal for a variety of tasks including digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting and more.

List Price: £10.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £7.99   
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By: eBerry.  

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