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Garden Tool Guides : How to Use Hedge Shears
Using hedge shears allows you to get as precise as you need to during your hedge trimming sessions. Find out how to use hedge shears with help from an expert with over two decades of experience...


Sharpening Garden Shears | Paul Sellers
Though they may not have much to do with woodworking, garden shears are an essential tool for anyone who likes to keep their garden in good shape. In this video, Paul Sellers shows you how...


A Master Gardner explains how to Sharpen Pruning Shears and other Garden tools
How to Sharpen Garden tools and Pruning Shears TilTul LinksYouWantToRemember CIMG4116 How to Sharpen Garden tools.


HOW TO: Hand shearing Boxwood shrubs
Bob put away his power trimmers for this episode in order to share his tips for shaping a Boxwood with hand shears.


Bosch Isio 10.8V Li-ion Cordless Grass Edging Shear
The Bosch Isio 10.8V Li-ion Cordless Grass Edging Shear is lightweight and handy,weighing only 500 g for convenient working.Powerful enabling continuous cutting of dense lawn thanks to the...


Making A Knife From Pruning Shears
I bet every man that ever held some pruning shears imagined them as a knife. I know I did! That's why, when we broke the handle on ours I decided to make a knife out of them. The blade was...


How To Remove Rust From Garden Tools
Here is what you'll need! How To Remove Rust From Garden Tools SUPPLIES Garden tools Spray bottle Vinegar Water Baking soda Paper towels INSTRUCTIONS Fill an empty sprayer with vinegar....


Bosch Isio cordless grass shear
The original: still lightweight but now even more powerful. Lightweight and handy: weighs only 500 g for convenient working. Powerful: enables continuous cutting of dense lawn thanks to the...


Spear & Jackson Multi Shear
C50 carbon steel blades rotate 180 degrees so can operate as both lawn shears or edging shears • Adjustable head angle - can also operate as straight, long reach shears • Extendable...


Special Grass Cutting and Edging Shear & Garden Roller from
All in one grass cutting and edging shears with 180 degree swivel head. Measures 120cm long blade with 180 degree rotating head and safety locking blade control. Special All in One Grass &...


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