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Garden Shredder - Bosch 2500HP ATX
Silent Shredder 2500 Watt. If you can get it trough the slot it will shred it. 1:47.


B&Q Electric Garden Shredder
Shredder in action!


Silent Garden Shredder
Cutting some prune tree branches with the Fiskars L99 anvil lopper and shredding them with the Itamati garden shredder. A cat in the end :)


14 Hp Petrol Garden Shredder from Titan Pro Ltd
Garden Chipper- Heavy Duty garden shredder The New Design Titan pro 14hp Petrol Chipper has an award winning design features. The Titan Petrol shredder ...


The Garden Gurus - The right kind of Shredder
Story Title: The Right Kind of Shredder Episode: Two Broadcast Date: 24h August 2013 Presenter: Melissa King If you're pruning or cleaning up around the yard, ...




Titan Electric Garden Shredder TTB353SHR
Titan Electric Garden Shredder TTB353SHR 2500W 80kg/hr 230-240V (39931) TTB353SHR 2500W 80kg/hr 230-240V (39931)


Ryobi RSH2845T garden shredder
2800 W Ryobi shredder is a very powerful and easy to use tool for home gardeners. It has a 55 liter plastic collector bin and a sturdy steel frame. Big wheels help ...


Best Electric Garden Shredder for Home use
Over the last 14 years I have tested many domestic garden shredders and have found nothing to beat the BOSCH AXT2200HP Quiet shredder.Unlike cheaper ...


garden shredder - how is working and how to use - make compostable wood chips
This video shows European 2500W / 230V garden shredder with self-pulling toothed knife/wheel. There is a 2 most popular types of shredders - this one and ...

Garden Shredders for sale on Amazon UK

Shower Hose Washers (x10)
These specially designed ½" washers fit into the thread of the shower hose nut. Stop that leak!
List Price: £1.34
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £1.28   
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By: DAKA.  

Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane glue. When exposed to moisture, the adhesive reacts and creates a foaming action that fills whilst it sticks. Gorilla Glue has an open working time of 20 minutes. The glue is brown in colour, but dries a tan colour, and is totally waterproof. Gorilla Glue is incredibly strong, bonding all types of wood, including pressure treated wood. It also bonds stone, metal, ceramics, foam, glass, leather and more. Once dried the product is sandable, stainable, paintable and can also take a varnish. Due to its foaming action the glue gives greater coverage - up to 3 times the coverage of other glues. This glue is unaffected by extreme hot and cold and will not break down when exposed to rain and snow. The Gorilla Glue formula bonds materials that typical all-purpose adhesives will not hold, including wood, stone, metal ceramics, glass, foam and even bonds dissimilar materials. It is waterproof and temperature resistant, which means it can be used for indoor and outdoor projects and repairs. Originally used as a commercial adhesive for hard-to-glue materials. Once something is glued it will not come undone - it is set to survive years after the repair. The GRGGG60 Gorilla glue comes in the following: Size: 60ml
List Price: £3.89
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £3.88   
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By: Auto Style.  

Havey's Salt Blocks - 9 Pack, 18 Blocks
Havey's Salt Blocks - 9 Pack, 18 Blocks

Havey's Salt Blocks - 9 Pack, 18 Blocks

Suitable for all Block Salt Water Softeners including Harveys, Kinetico, Crown, Monarch, Mini-max, Twin-tec and many others.

Each Block Size of House Brick

Harveys Block Salt is suitable for any brand of block salt softener

Made in the UK

Harveys Block Salt, is a convenient way to replenish a water softener.
List Price: £44.39
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £44.39   
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By: Harveys.  

Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum

List Price: £79.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £54.79   
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By: Bosch.  

Q Garden QGBV2500 Leaf Blower Vacuum - Green/ Black
Ideal opportunity to purchase a quality leaf blower which also collects and then shred leaves into a fine mulch for the garden.
List Price: £39.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £34.95   
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By: Q Garden.  

Gorilla Tape Tough and Wide

Gorilla Glue Gorilla Tape Tough & Wide 73mm x 27m GRGGTTW

The GRGGTTW Gorilla Tape Tough & Wide is a double thick adhesive, ideal for sticking rough, porous and imperfect surfaces. It has a tough all weather shell, giving a tighter barrier against moisture and higher UV qualities. This tape has a strong reinforced backing - a high fibre count cloth reinforced backing that gives high strength, but can be ripped by hand easily. This product is a market leader in the US, popular for its extra wide 3 inch / 73mm dimensions and is 27m in length.


List Price: £13.74
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £10.92   
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By: Gorilla Glue Europe.  

Liberon 1 Metre Cut Length 1M 0000 Ultra Fine Grade Steel Wire Wool
Liberon Steel Wool is produced using a high quality steel to create crumble and dust resistant wool that is virtually oil free. Performance- Ideal for cleaning, preparing and maintaining wood and metal finishes. - Ideal for applying wax polishes. - Crumble resistant and virtually oil free. - Flexible abrasive. - Ideal for use with paint strippers. - Approved by the Guild of Master Craftsmen. Product application Steel Wool is available in 7 grades from Ultra Fine 0000 through a range of Fine to Medium 00, 0, 1 and Medium to Coarse 2, 3 and 4. Polishing and cleaning delicate surfaces Grade 0000 - use to cut back between coats of French polishes, varnishes and oil finishes. - use to clean and polish metals such as bronze, copper, chrome, stainless steel and aluminium. - use to cut back between coats of varnish or paint. - use with soapy water to clean and polish porcelain, marble and glass without marking. Light cleaning and surface preparation Grade 00, 0, 1 - use with Liberon Wax and Polish Remover to remove built-up wax polish, smoke and dirt on wood. - use to clean, smooth and prepare wood or metal surfaces before re-polishing, waxing, varnishing or painting. - use with a suitable solvent for light to medium cleaning of all metals. Heavy cleaning and paint and varnish removal Grade 2, 3, 4 - Use with Liberon Fine Wood Stripper to remove softened French Polishes, varnishes, lacquers and paints from wood and metal surfaces. - use to remove rust.
List Price: £2.05
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £2.05   
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By: Liberon.  

2 x Traditional Double Coat Door Hooks Chrome

2 x Double coat and garment hooks, ideal for storing coats, towels, scarves and hats whilst taking up very little space. Easy to mount to the back of any door. Available in Chrome or Brass Plated.


Projection: 20mm
Backplate height: 42mm
Backplate width: 26mm
Fixing hole to hole: 15mm
List Price: £2.45
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £2.45   
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By: Securit.  

30 Piece Assorted Picture Hook Set
30 Piece Assorted Picture Hook Set * Ideal for all your picture hanging requirements
List Price: £2.30
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £2.30   
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By: Blackspur.  

This is a one tonne FIBC (bulk bag) with four lifting loops. The material is white woven polypropylene. Ideal for carrying sand or aggregate or for garden waste material.
List Price: £17.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £12.50   
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By: Centurion.  

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