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Garden Tool Guides : How to Use a Trowel
Using a trowel requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Find out how to use a trowel with help from an expert with over two decades of ...


Making a Garden Trowel
This video highlights all the different processes that go into making a garden trowel from an old saw blade. Many thanks to my buddy Brad for providing the ...


Blacksmithing - Forging A Railroad Spike Garden Trowel
This is one of my staple products... They sell well, people identify them and they are truly a great tool...


The Garden Trowel
Here's a time elapsed video documenting each step I used to create a painting of this antique garden trowel.


How to Make Your Own Garden Trowel - An upcylcing #DIY video
In this DIY video I show you how to make your own garden trowel with reclaimed and upcycled junk you probably already have laying around, or could easily ...


Two Minute Trowel
Here is a good look at what goes into making our tools. Visit to get one!


Garden Tools Review
Which tools are best for planting bulbs? Get an expert's advice on the advantages of different types of hand tools. GARDEN TOOLS ...


Sketch-A-Day 375: Garden Spade
Note: If you don't like the music, mute it :-) Design Sketch demo by Spencer Nugent. Tools: Prismacolor Pencil, Copic Markers on Marker Paper. Took roughly 10 ...


Hand Forged Garden Tools by Homestead Iron - Part 1
Will Dobkins' business, Homestead Iron in Squires, Missouri (in the Ozark Mountains). He and his wife started by repurposing old garden tools with new handles ...


How to Spray Paint a Garden Trowel
Here's how to give your go-to diggers and planters a new lease of life by personalising their handles. It's a simple way of sprucing up your green-fingered ...


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