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My Smartthings Home Automation Set Up
Went a little more in depth on my Smartthings connected house! Follow me on Facebook!


What is the BEST choice for home automation in 2017!
There are a ton of choices for home automation hubs in 2017, which one is the best to manage all of you IoT devices, manage your home security and make the ...


Home Automation with the Google Assistant (Google I/O '17)
Come learn how to use the Actions on Google platform for home automation integrations. You will walk away from this session with the skills necessary for the ...


The CNET Smart Home Intro to Home Automation
Step into the CNET Smart Home and see what an automated living space is all about. Subscribe to CNET: Check out our playlists: ...


Amazon Echo Home Automation
Here is a quick demo of how I use the Amazon Echo with my home automation and home theater control. This is not meant as a how to but rather an example of ...


Mark Zuckerberg's AI - Personal Assistant - Jarvis - Home Automation
Demonstration of Artificial Intelligence based Personal assistant built by MarkZuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg's personal challenge for 2016.


💡 Light it up with Google Home - Home Automation on a Budget
PLUG-IN DIMMERS: GoControl - GE - WALL DIMMERS: GoControl: GE: ...


Ultimate Smart Home Guide and Tour!
One link to all products: ULTIMATE 4K TV Media Setup Tour: Wondering what you need to get started in ...


Home Automation with Amazon Echo/Alexa (v2)
Since making this video, I've moved away from using Yonomi/Tasker for the LightwaveRF devices and am now using the official skill. I've also got four Echo Dots ...


Android Home Automation Demo MiCasa Verde
Buy MiCasa Verde Home Automation: Android Home Automation - Vera Lite - Z Wave | Part 1: Android ...

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