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Home Brew Equipment for sale on Amazon UK

Zyliss Cafetiere Hot Mug - Grey
Zyliss Hotmug With Lid Cafetiere Mug Simply press the fine mesh filter to brew fresh coffee. Double wall to keep your beverage hotter for longer.
List Price: £10.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £3.99   
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By: Zyliss.  

E-PRANCE Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter, Cone Coffee Dripper Paperless, Permanent 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel double mesh Pour Over Coffee Maker with Separate Stand for 1-4 cups
Better Tasting, More Affordable, and Economical Cup of Coffee

Stable and Easy-To-Clean
Pour over cone for 1-4 cups for a darker and richer coffee taste.
Quickly and easily brew a robust, great-tasting cup of coffee with the pour-over coffee dripper filter.

Reuseable and ECO-friendly
Our coffee dripper provides you a hassle-free, permanent and reusable solution to brew
high-quality pour over coffee without the need to ever buy paper filters again. Stop paper waste
and do your bit for our coffee filter.

How to use it
1.Simply place the pour-over coffee filter on top of your coffee cup.
2.Put two or three tablespoons of medium or coarse ground coffee in the filter.
3.Pour hot water over the coffee and let the water drip through Enjoy。
4.It has a sturdy, wide base so you don't have to worry about it tipping over or not covering your coffee mug.
5.We have included a guide with detailed instructions and tips in your package, It help you brew the best cup of coffee you ever had.

※Refund Guarantee:
If you have any problem with our coffee filter, pls contact us any time, we promise 100% refund.
Stop buying paper filters or expensive pods and start saving money today.
This pour-over coffee dripper makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life!

※Clean Tips:
1.Clean the filter by soaking it in a solution of half white vinegar and half water for 30 minutes;
Putting it in the top rack of the dishwasher after soaking will also help finish the job.
2.The best grind for a drip coffee would be a medium grind about the texture of sea salt. Use a
burr grinder for the best results.
List Price: £25.65
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £9.99   
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ICO Pack of 30 "CO2" Soda Siphon Bulbs, Silver, 8g

List Price: £13.49
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £13.49   
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By: Mosa.  

2 Pack Airlocks and Bored Rubber Bungs
About the Bungs - Standard sized, re-useable bored rubber bungs suitable for use with glass demi-johns. Not suitable for plastic demijohns. Designed to accommodate an airlock.Size: Height 32mm / Diameter (top) 30mm / Diameter (base) 27mm

About the Airlocks - Simply add water to your Airlock and view bubbles as your beer or wine is fermenting.Fits bored rubber bungs and fermenting bin lids.

Like all our products, the rubber bungs and airlocks are stored in our clean, modern warehouse, they would however benefit from being sterilised prior to use along with the rest of your home brew equipment.
List Price: £5.15
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £5.15   
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By: Home Brew Online.  

KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Heart-Shaped Tea Infuser with Drip Tray, 1 Cup (350 ml)
Le Xpress Stainless Steel Heart Tea Infuser
List Price: £3.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £3.86   
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By: KitchenCraft.  

Stevenson Hydrometer With Trial Jar Case
Use a hydrometer such as this one to measure the specific gravity of your wine or beer in order to achieve the desired alcohol content and to check when the fermenting process has finished. Hydrometers are very useful when moving beer or wine from a primary fermenter to a secondary vessel. When a constant reading is achieved it’s possible to accurately tell that the first stage of fermentation has finished. Supplied with useful instructions, diagram and plastic tube. The hydrometer is made of glass so is packaged carefully to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Made in the UK. The scale ranges from 0.970 to 1.150 Why use a Hydrometer? In Home Wine and Beermaking, you can control the sweetness and alcohol content of your wine and beer by measuring the ‘specific gravity’ of the liquid with a hydrometer. It will help prevent bottling or transferring to keg too early. Looking after your hydrometer; Always follow the manufacturers instructions, when cleaning use warm, but not boiling water Please note: The style of Hydrometer may vary slightly from the image shown Made in Britain
List Price: £5.68
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £5.68   
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By: Home Brew Online.  

Home Brew Ingredients - Real Ale - 40 Pint Homebrew Beer Kit
3kg Kit Makes 40 Pints of Quality Real Ale, Amber Coloured Smooth Beer with Distinctive Hoppy Nose & Well Balanced Palate, Floury Hoppy Character and Long Lasting wonderfully Bitter After Taste
List Price: £23.58
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £23.58   
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By: Balliihoo Homebrew.  

Bulldog Home Brew Beer Refill Ingredient Kit Evil Dog American Double IPA
Bulldog Brews beer kits take home brewing of beer to a new quality level. We have chosen to go way beyond the traditional Premium kits based on 3kgs of malt extract and often using the same fast but boring yeast strain across the range. All Bulldog Brews beer kits contain unprecedented amounts of malt extract, different varieties of hop pellets for the extra finishing touch and varietal brewers yeast strains for a true brewery quality home made beer. Brand Bulldog Brew Brew Capacity 5 gal - 23l - 40 pints Ingredients Malt and barley extract, invert sugar, hops(fresh pelleted hops and hop extract), dried brewing yeast. 4.7kg Allergens Cereals containing gluten Manufacturer Info Hambleton Bard Ltd., Cobnar Wood Close, Chesterfield. S41 9RQ. UK.
List Price: £24.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £19.44   
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By: Bulldog.  

VWP Cleaner Steriliser 400g Tub
VWP 400g Cleaner/Steriliser. Super concentrated formula makes up to 120 gallons. Can also be used for household cleaning.
List Price: £7.38
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £7.38   
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By: VWP.  

Home Brew Online Bottle Crown Capper - Metal With 100 Caps
This Bottle Capper is perfect for fitting metal crown caps to both glass and PET plastic bottles. Their two handled/twin lever design makes them quick, easy and safe to use for easy fitting of 26mm crown caps.
List Price: £16.45
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £19.00   
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By: Home Brew Online.  

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