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Tapping A Maple Tree
Mapling or sugaring is a process of collecting and boiling the sap from maple trees in order to make maple syrup. Perhaps we can produce our own syrup from ...


How to Identify a Maple Tree
Maple tree identification can be complicated, but a few simple techniques will help you get it right. Watch how to identify a maple tree, leaf, and bark, and learn ...


Growing Maple Trees: Growing Trees From Seed: S01E02
S01E02- Growing Maple Trees From Seed. In the second episode of 'Growing Trees From Seed', we head to the local Arboretum 'Searching for Seeds'. WHAT I ...


Maple Tree Identification - Make Maple Syrup - GardenFork
Learn how to identify sugar maple trees to make maple syrup. Watch all our sap & evaporator vids here: Sub here: In ...


How to Make Maple Syrup
This video shows in detail how you can make your own maple syrup from maple or birch trees. If you're interested in purchasing the supplies I show, I got them ...


5 Common Maple Trees
Learn to identify 5 types of maple trees you might see outside if you live in the Northeastern US.


Three maple tree types
Sugar, Red, Striped, maple trees.


How to choose a Japanese Maple such as Fire Glow & Autumn Moon!
In this episode of Growing Wisdom we visit StoneGate gardens in Lincoln, MA to learn about Japanese Maple Trees. Featuring Fire Glow, Autumn Moon & More!


How to Tap A Maple Tree *CHEAP* & *EZ*
Website: Check out this complete maple tapping kit to get you started!


How To Tap a Sugar Maple Tree - Harvesting Maple Water
Need help? Free Consultation at . Get Tim's AudioBook "Turbo Charge Your Life!" . Want an inexpensive ...

Maple-trees for sale on Amazon USA

Chef Remi Cutting Board - Lifetime Replacement Warranty - Best Rated Hardwood Chopping Block - Large 16x10 Inch Kitchen Tool - Stronger Than Plastic Ware Or Bamboo Appliances - Approved By Butchers

Thick, sturdy rectangle board hand made from rubber tree wood, ideal for all meal prep. Light, thin and compact enough for everyone. Versatile, can be used as a serving mat for baking goods, or as a cheese board. Dimensions: 16x10 Inch.

Naturally anti bacterial, and has smooth corners and edges for safety. Non-slip design, will not skid or slip on kitchen counter tops. Functional groove means no more juices from meats, vegetables and fruits running off your chopping board. Carve meats such as steak, lamb, pork chops and turkey. Chop vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash, onions, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, parsnips, beet, zucchini, cucumber, tomato, celery, salad veggies, garnishes, fruit and other produce.

Why Rubber Wood? Cooks should avoid glass boards as they dull knives. Knives can easily scratch synthetic boards, such as plastic, silicon and acrylic. These scratches can then harbour bacteria that dishwashers cannot eliminate.

Wood NATURALLY kills bacteria. However, not all wood is the same! Acacia has many gaps, so more fillers are needed, and is high in silica, which dulls blades. Teak is also high in silica. Bamboo is grass, not wood, and needs lots of glue to keep the board together (many splint, break or warp quickly). Oak and beech are slow growing trees, so unsustainable. Maple is sustainable, but expensive. Chef Remi rubberwood cutting board is the equipment you need that solves all your problems. Care for the environment and be eco conscious as rubber wood is sustainable. Will not dull knives, or warp and split like bamboo. Less porous than other hard woods, so fewer spaces for trapping bacteria. Cheaper than maple, and just as good!

Chef Remi Design, Chef Remi Crafted.- WHEN QUALITY MATTERS! We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE not like our competitors. Try us, RISK FREE!

Amazon’s Lowest Price: According to size   
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By: Chef Remi.  

Ross Tree & Shrubs Fertilizer Refills for Ross Root Feeder, 25-10-10 (Ideal for Watering During Droughts), 54 Refills
Make sure your trees and shrubs are healthy and thriving all season long with Ross Root Feeder Fertilizer Refills for Trees & Shrubs. Use pre-measured fertilizer refills in your Ross Root Feeder to get the perfect balance of nutrients directly to plants’ roots – while you water at the same time! Simply connect a garden hose to the Root Feeder and insert the Ross Root Feeder Fertilizer Refill for Trees and Shrubs. Turn on water at spigot. Turn on water flow valve slightly until a stream of water flows out the tip of the feed tube. As water saturates soil, insert Ross Root Feeder at equal intervals in ring under outer branches (drip line) of the tree or shrub. Never at the trunk of the tree or base of the shrub. If soil is dry, continue root watering after Ross Trees & Shrubs Fertilizer Refills have dissolved. Tightly seal unused fertilizer in its plastic bag. Store in dry place. Ross pre-measured fertilizer refills make for fast, easy and mess-free fertilizing.  Ross Root Feeder and Green-Again are registered trademarks of Easy Gardener, Inc.
List Price: $14.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $13.30   
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By: Ross.  

Midori Way Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves - Extra Large (18x12 -Inch)
This extra large strong, thick, but beautiful bamboo cutting board is moisture resistant and will last for years. We chose Bamboo because it is one of the most renewable resources on our planet. Our bamboo is raised without pesticides and crafted into this beautiful cutting board without the use of phthalates, formaldehyde or toxic dyes and stains found on many other kitchen prep surfaces. Our eco-friendly board is attractive yet functional - allowing you to cut, chop, prep, and serve your food on the same board. Bamboo is easy on knives, but stronger than maple. This two-colored, grooved organic cutting board makes a great gift idea! CARE INSTRUCTIONS: We take great pride in the quality of our products, and with proper care your Midori Way bamboo should provide a lifetime of enjoyment and use. Our bamboo is treated with a light mineral oil application before it leaves our factory, so it arrives ready for you to use! Some tips for proper care of your bamboo board: - Coat the bamboo with a food-safe mineral oil. - Hand wash with gentle dish soap and warm water. - Avoid soaking your board, and NEVER use the dishwasher!
List Price: $43.01
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $20.00   
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By: Midori Way.  

The Candery Cotton Candy Machine – Bright, Colorful Style– Makes Hard Candy, Sugar Free Candy, Sugar Floss, Homemade Sweets for Birthday Parties – Includes 10 Candy Cones & Scooper

Add some delicious fun to your kid's lunches or birthday parties by making your very own homemade cotton candy! FLOSS SUGAR SOLD SEPARATELY

There's nothing like going to the fair and experiencing the sugar sweet taste of a giant pink or blue cotton candy cone. It's like eating a soft, colorful cloud that makes you smile with sugary bliss. But because the fair only comes around so often and you can never get enough cotton candy, we created The Candery Cotton Candy Machine, a bright and colorful DIY cotton candy maker.

Easy to Use, Easy to Love

Great for kids and adults alike, our cotton candy machine lets you create all your favorite fluffy, summertime snacks in your own kitchen. Small, portable and easy to use, our candy maker comes with all the kitchen accessories you need to spin your sugary floss and hard candies into enjoyable treats. Better yet, it's easy to clean, compact for storage purposes, and can be used all year long for parties, barbecues, picnics and so much more!

Recapture your youth and summer fun with your very own cotton candy maker; get The Candery Cotton Candy Machine today!

Product Details:

  • Bright, Colorful Cotton Candy Machine
  • Transparent, Easy View Rim
  • Spins Cotton Candy, Hard Candy and Sugar Floss
  • Simple, Easy-to-Use Design
  • Includes: 10 Cotton Candy Cones and Sugar Scoop
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don't Forget the Cotton Candy:Visit our other Amazon listings to get your cotton candy sugar floss packets today!

Click 'Add to Cart' above to start making deliciously fun cotton candy in your very own kitchen!

List Price: $59.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $45.99   
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By: The Candery.  

Shower Curtain Collection by Ambesonne, Ocean Decor Fall Wooden Bridge Seasons Lake House Nature Country Rustic Home Art Paintings Pictures for Bathroom Seascape Decorations, Brown Beige Khaki Yellow
Matches well with various color palates of towels, rugs, bathroom mats and any other bathroom accessories. A mini bathroom makeover. Quick and luxurious way to refresh and completely change the appearance of a bathroom without a big expense with a single touch. A perfect gift idea for your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, wife, husband and all other beloved ones with thousands of surprising designs. You can find a theme for everybody for every area of interest in our famous Ambesonne Amazon collection. When they open the present they will be shocked by the superior quality of the item. No color fading as you use the shower curtain thanks to the new digital printing methods. There will be no color difference on the surface and the cloth will not be easily damaged as a result of machine washing as it is made of very high quality %100 polyester tight woven fabric. It is not too thin or too thick. Waterproof and dries fast after you take a shower. Easy to use. Adds real value and depth to your bathroom decoration. High resolution pictures and photographs brings 3D like realistic experience to your life. Bathroom is the place to relax. Its where you spend a considerable part of your day. Enter into a new world by having our shower curtains. Can be at a seashore, can feel ocean waves or meditate by the sound of water while staring at mountain landscapes. If you are a fan of sports or have a hobby of any kind, you will be spending time with it in your very personal space. Customized, personalized products are very popular. As manufacturers of digital printed home textiles, we follow current trends and bring you the latest home fashion. Either a gift to your family or friend, relative or boyfriend girlfriend, or a gift to yourself, the item should be interesting, authentic. Men or women, kids teens, boys or girls everybody will love this shower curtain. Any person from any profession will get excited and thrilled by the difference that curtain brings to your house decor.
List Price: $29.95
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $18.90   
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By: Ambesonne.  

The Candery Cotton Candy Floss Sugar Kit –Raspberry Blue, Vanilla Pink and Strawberry Flavors (11 oz. Jars), 50 Cones and a Scoop – Fun Confectionary Treats for Kids and Adults

Add a sweet treat to your day or start your own cotton candy stand with delicious cotton candy sugar floss from The Candery.

If you've ever been to the fair, festival, ballgame or event at the park, you know there's nothing like the sweet taste of cotton candy to make it a much sweeter day. That's why we're giving you the chance to create your own unforgettable cotton candy with The Candery Cotton Candy Floss Sugar!

Colorful and Delicious

These unique cotton candy flavors taste great, boast bold colors, and are great for children and adults of all ages. Simply pour it into your cotton candy maker with the included scoop, get to "stirring" and before you know it,and serve with your included candy cones; you'll have your very own cotton candy treat to enjoy!

Product Details:

  • Delicious Cotton Candy Sugar Floss
  • Three Flavors:Raspberry Blue, Vanilla Pink and Strawberry
  • Easy to Pour
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order Includes:

  • Three (3) Candy Floss Jars(11 oz. ea.)
  • Sugar Scoop
  • 50 Candy Cones
  • Click 'Add to Cart' now to get the best-tasting cotton candy sugar floss for your cotton candy machine from The Candery.

    List Price: $24.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: $17.99   
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    By: The Candery.  

    Soma Glass Water Bottle – Eco-Friendly Alternative to Bottled Water – BPA Free 17oz - Stay Hydrated – Wide Mouth -Shatter-resistant Borosilicate Glass - Perfect for Sports Gym or Hiking
    Stay Hydrated Everywhere You Go

    Without Drinking From Expensive and Dangerous Plastic Bottles

    When you're thirsty at the gym, at work, or when you're on the move, you probably reach for a plastic bottle. Whether it's a plastic bottle that you've refilled yourself, or a bottle you've bought from a store, it's probably impregnated with BPA - an industrial resin that research says is incredibly dangerous for your health. Even BPA-free plastic bottles contain chemicals with uncertain health risks. But neglecting your hydration is also bad for your health - and your all-round performance.

    So what's the solution?

    Introducing: The Soma Water Bottle. A safe water bottle that you can take anywhere.

    List Price: $34.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: $30.00   
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    By: Soma.  

    The Candery Cotton Candy Floss Sugar (2-Pack) | Raspberry Blue and Strawberry | Plastic, Reusable Jars | Easy Pour Spout or Scoop | Includes Scooper | 3 LBS Jars

    Finally make fair quality cotton candy in your own kitchen with cotton candy sugar floss from The Candery!

    Whether it's a hot summer's day at the zoo or a chilly evening in the stands of a local hockey game, nothing brings out the smiles like pink, purple, blue, or colorful cotton candy. And now, thanks to The Candery Cotton Candy Floss Sugar, you can recreate those fun moments at home and with your family!

    Sweet, Sticky and Fun for Everyone

    We've packed two large jars with two of our most popular flavors-Raspberry Blue and Strawberry-so you can enjoy a near endless amount of cotton candy whenever the mood strikes! And thanks to the easy pour spout and included sugar scoop, you can easily measure out just the right amount for your cotton candy maker.

    Product Details:

    • 2-Pack of Cotton Candy Sugar Floss
    • Flavors: Raspberry Blue and Strawberry
    • Easy Pour Spout or Scoop Option
    • Improved Handling Grip
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Order Includes:

  • Two (2)Large Candy Floss Jars(48 oz. Ea.)
  • Sugar Scoop
  • Create delicious confectionaries and treats by making cotton candy at home! Get two great flavors by clicking 'Add to Cart' above today.

    List Price: $29.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: $21.99   
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    By: The Candery.  

    Chef Craft Maple Wooden Spoon Set, Brown
    Chef Craft's Wooden Spoon Set includes 3 spoons, of 10, 12 and 14 Inch of length. They are perfect for any type of mixing and they will look great in your kitchen.
    List Price: $4.65
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: $2.49   
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    By: Chef Craft.  

    Glass Spray Bottles – 8 Piece 2oz Cobalt Blue Small Glass Bottles Set with Fine Mist Sprayer By Papifleure –Reusable Dark Colored Potion Bottles For Travel and Any Purpose
    Ladies Beware! No Woman Can Afford To Not Have These SUPER Practical Mist Spray Bottles By Papifleure

    Whether you want to store your essential oils conveniently and safely or take your beauty products with you WHEREVER you travel, these reusable blue glass spray bottles will accommodate all your needs!

    Glass Bottles You Can Rely On For ANY Soluble Thin Liquid You Want To Store

    Papifleure's 2 oz. spray bottles will handle EVERY job.

    You can use them for any soluble thin liquid, from homemade tanning oil and plant sprays to bathroom fresheners and natural bug sprays.

    Why You Shouldn't Wait Another Second And Get Them Right NOW!

    •Give your creations away as a gift without spending a fortune and make your friends and loved ones LIKE YOU even MORE!
    •Feel free to use them AS MANY TIMES as you want. These bottles are reusable and made to last so YOU get the most bang for your buck!
    •When you get these products from us, they come with a lifetime FREE REPLACEMENT guarantee provided exclusively to you by the manufacturer: Addo General Merchandise!

    Don't make your life complicated. You have the easiest and most reliable way to store and protect any liquid right in front of you...

    Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!
    List Price: $18.90
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: $12.00   
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    By: Addo General Merchandise.  

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