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Spypoint IR-6 and IR-8 Nature Trail Cameras
The new Spypoint IR-6 and IR-6 nature cameras are now 50% smaller than before and offer a faster response time and market leading image quality. Available ...


Which Camera Should You Buy?
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Bird and Wildlife Photography Equipment: Lenses, cameras, teleconverters, tripods, monopods
Gear in this video: Get the LensCoat camo lens covers at Canon 400mm f/5.6 at Canon 500mm f/4 at ...


Shark Cam powered by
Explore Website - Facebook - Twitter Watch The Shark Cam - LIVE You are watching live footage ...


Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska powered by
Explore Website: Facebook: - Twitter: Watch Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park - LIVE You are ...


Cayman Reef Cam powered by
Explore Website - Facebook - Twitter Watch Cayman Reef Cam - LIVE. The Cayman Islands camera ...


10 Deadly Natural Disasters Caught on Video
Top 10 horrible natural disasters that affected the world. These terrible acts of nature that were caught on camera claimed a vast amount of lives and cost ...


Langur monkeys grieve over fake monkey - Spy in the Wild: Episode 1 Preview - BBC One
Programme website: Langur monkeys mistake the motionless robotic spy monkey that was accidentally dropped as a lifeless baby langur ...


Cameras Reveal the Secret Lives of a Mountain Lion Family | Short Film Showcase
Mountain lions were once thought to be solitary animals, feared and hunted by humans. New footage captured by motion-triggered cameras in secluded areas ...


5 Truly Shocking & Horrifying Moments Caught on Camera
These clips are not "stranger hiding under the bed" horrifying; they are horrifying in the sense that shocking events, like you're about to see, are the kinds of ...

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Large Window Bird Feeder, Clear Window Mount See Through Feeder. Effortless Install & Included Hooks Make it Easy To Refill Or Clean, Virtually Squirrel Resistant, Brings Wildlife To You! Now Includes Drain Holes. Best Value.
"Want To Enjoy Birds Just Inches From You, No Matter Where You Are? Looking For A Feeder That's 100% Clear, Sturdily Built, And Effortless To Use? Be Wary Of Imitators...Get The Real Thing Here!"

--You'll Grin When That First Visitor Arrives, Instantly Brightening Your Day. Find Out What You've Been Missing!-

Looking for a quality window birdbox? Done with cheap ones that feed more squirrels than birds? You'll turn any window into a spectacle with this sensible solution. Enjoy wildlife no matter where you are, at a price that makes sense. Nothing else (online or in a store) compares.

-Virtually Squirrel Resistant, Attracts Special Wild Birds, Attaches On Any Window. Best Deal For Your Money. It Never Gets Old!-

You deserve to be close to wildlife wherever you are; that's why we made this. The feeling when your first visitor arrives to say thank you will be worth far more than the price you're paying. Even if you've tried other products or solutions, you NEED to try this!

Most sellers/stores don't want you knowing that cheap feeders aren't big enough for most birds and can fall off the window. Three weather proof suckers securely fix to glass and provide an in house see-through bird watching experience. No need for pole systems or hangers, Simply stick the acrylic birdfeeder to your window and watch garden birds feast on birdseed inches from you. Great gift for the bird watcher on your list!

Click [Add to Cart] to turn your ordinary window into a prime wildlife show, impress your guests, AND keep more money in your pocket by avoiding cheap boxes that don't work or expensive battles with squirrels...a real win-win!

Note from the manufacturer:
Unfortunately, demand has spiked as word has spread about the quality and value of our product...this month, especially. If you see the green "In Stock" above, place your order before they're gone.
List Price: £23.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £17.23   
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By: Tranquil Outdoors.  

Woodstock Encore Collection Verdigris Chimes of Polaris Windchime
The Chimes of Polaris is named for the North Star, which serves to mark Earth's celestial north pole.
List Price: £22.95
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £16.62   
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By: Fountasia International Ltd.  

Cedar Bird Nest Box & Bird Nest Box Colour Camera with Audio
Our Cedar Bird Box Camera system is supplied assembled and Camera Ready - included is the the colour camera kit with Wide angle lens. The nestbox is supplied complete with a quick release camera clip already installed, the camera kit is very easy to install and full instructions are provided. The camera is pushed onto the bracket inside the nest box and plug your cable into a TV for fantastic live video and sound from inside the bird box. Clear windows at the side of the nestbox are provided to allow the colour camera to provides crisp, clear colour images during daylight hours with the image turning to black and white at night time. The Nest box is hand made using a 20mm thick solid cedar (all screwed construction) which provides good insulation, and has a strong fixing point to hang the bird box already installed. Simple to focus, the nestbox comes complete with a long cable (normally 30 m), low voltage power supply and scart adapter and easy to follow instructions. The timber used for the box is FSC Certified and requires no treatment. Cedar has great Properties and will last a long time without treatment, very similar to oak. Both the Camera system and Box is supplied with a 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty.
List Price: £89.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £59.00   
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By: .  

Denver 1080p 8MP WCT-3004 Wildlife Camera, Motion Activated, Infrared Night Vision, 120 Degree Viewing Angle And IP 54 Rated Waterproof Outdoor Digital Camera

The Denver WCT-3004 is designed for nature lovers and allows you to capture wildlife photos & video automatically using the motion activated PIR sensor. This outdoor surveillance trail camera uses a PIR sensor for detecting motion and on motion can take photo, video or both.

Automatic Wildlife cam
Take high resolution photos of up to 8 megapixels and HD video of up to 1080p @ 25fps. You can set the camera to auto detect and take photos / video or you can use the included remote control too. Trail cameras or game cameras are most popularly known as wildlife cameras and are a great present for just about anyone. No experience is necessary. Insert batteries and let it take great images of your local wildlife.

No light no problem
With 48 LEDs the WCT-3004 is ideal for night shots. Once day light fades the wildlife cam automatically switches over to infrared night vison mode. On sunrise it auto switches back to standard colour daylight mode.

Playback on your TV
Plug the trail camera in to your TV using the included audio / video cable for playback of your photo and videos or use the USB cable to connect the wildlife camera to your PC and download what you have captured.

- Digital wildlife camera with 3mega pixel CMOS sensor
- Built-in 2.0 inch LCD screen
- 3 megapixel CMOS image sensor (3/5/8MP image resolution)
- Full automatic Infra Red filter for use in the dark - with 48 LEDs
- 120 degree sight angle
- Trigger speed 1.1 second
- Triggering interval: 1 second - 30 minutes. (default 1 second)
- File format: JPEG or AVI (video length 10-90 seconds)
- SD/MMC card slot for recording - up to 32gb (card not included)

List Price: £94.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £57.99   
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By: Denver Electronics.  

Mavis's Diary Sony Xperia XA1 Case , Xperia XA1 Flip Case - Wallet Flip Bumper Cover PU Leather Case Shockproof with Soft Rubber Silicone Gel Back Holder Magnetic Closure Stand Stylish Prints Protective Cover - with Dust Plug & Stylus for Sony Xperia XA1 - Pink Flowers

- Color: Shown as picture .
- Brand: Mavis's Diary

About Mavis's Diary

Mavis's Diary is registered trademark and is exclusively distributed by Mavis's Diary.
Mavis's Diary is protected by Trademark Law. Mavis's Diary (TM) has always devoted itself to providing highly quality and outstanding fashionable handmade bling case with the end-users. Mavis's Diary is the unique manufacturer of rhinestone handmade case in the market.

1.To protect the items,we will package them with foam plastic bag,without original packaging. We promise all of the items are brand new!Physical and picture may be a bit off color.
2.In order to avoid fakes,please confirm our brand "Mavis's Diary" when you add the item into your cart.
List Price: £8.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £5.99   
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By: Mavis's Diary.  

Colour Bird Nest Box Camera Set - Fantastic Bird nest box camera Gift Set with plug and play push fit connections, only 3 to connect - sound, video and power - all colour coded for ease of use. Our Colour Bird Nest Box Camera Gift Set is an excellent value, high quality, camera gift set for DIY installations in your own Garden nest box. With simple focusing, the Nest box camera provides superb, high quality, sharp, colour images. The camera also has small LED lights, allowing crisp images in complete darkness to be viewed. The tiny Nest Box Camera is ideal for wildlife and domestic installations such as; * Nest boxes * Owl Boxes * Hedgehog houses * Bat boxes * Insect houses * Covered bird feeders * Aviaries * Stables * Hutches etc Take a look at our Nest Boxes range for a suitable house for your camera. The Nest Box Camera is easy to set up, the gift set comes complete with: * 30m long screened extension cable * Colour High quality Camera * Low voltage power supply unit * Scart adapter to plug directly into your TV or recorder and view. To connect to your computer USB video capture device is required. Connecting to your computer enables you to make videos of the nest box images or even print photos of birds or other animals from inside their nest box.
List Price: £39.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £27.00   
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Woodstock Encore Collection Bronze Chimes of Polaris Windchime
The Chimes of Polaris is named for the North Star, which serves to mark Earth's celestial North Pole. Tuned to an ancient pentatonic scale, the Chimes of Polaris harmonizes beautifully with our best selling Encore Chimes. Bubinga finish wood, 5 aluminum tubes.
List Price: £19.95
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £19.54   
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By: Fountasia International Ltd.  

Poler Camp Mug One Size Royal Blue
Camp Vibes Enamel Camp Mug Stainless Steel Lip The perfect mug to take on camping trips. The Camp Vibes Mug from Poler is an Enamel mug with a stainless steel lip. This Mug will be ideal for your camping or roadtrip since it can hold your hot or cold drinks and comes with the Poler logo on the side. It will be hard not to feel those awesome camp vibes when you're using this mug
List Price: £13.95
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £10.14   
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By: Poler Stuff.  

COLOUR CAMERA IN GARDMAN MULTI NESTBOX (RSPB recommended style of birdbox!) (20M CABLE)
All you need to do is site the box and plug in the cables. The AV lead connects the camera to your TV - plenty of cable for hanging within the largest garden. The power cable is plugged into an indoor socket via the power adapter provided. Simple instructions are included regarding the optimum maintenance and siting of the nestbox. The FSC solid wood box is the V-shape favoured by RSPB for bird care, it is environmentally friendly and very durable. Removable front allows easy cleaning at end of season. Floor of the nestbox has a ventilation slot for nest hygiene. The camera is easy to set up - just plug in the colour co-ordinated cable. The yellow and white ends plug straight into you TV. The red lead plugs into the power supply. Turn on the TV, tune in to the camera output, sit back, see and hear what is going on in the nest box. A small opaque window is fitted in the side of the nestbox to maximise available light and get the best colour possible (PLEASE NOTE: the camera only gives muted colour and only in bright light conditions, picture will be monochrome if not enough light gets into the nestbox. The camera switches automatically to infra-red (monochrome) at night. Select the nestbox entrance from the 3 options to suit the type of bird you wish to attract! Box lid unscrews (4 screws) for cleaning at the end of the breeding season. Includes simple to follow instruction sheet Full, personal customer phone and email support by our small family team. Extensive warranty/refund cover includes a 60 days cool off period for items given as gifts!
List Price: £46.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £46.00   
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GrayBunny GB-6853 Accessory Hook For Backyard Bird Feeding Stations

Enjoy Nature From the Comfort of Your Home!

An Accessory Hook For Your Backyard Bird Feeding Station
- For use with the GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station. Also compatible with Gardman feeding stations and other brands 2 cm diameter (or smaller) poles.
- Add an extra hook for additional feeders. With more feeders, you can offer more types of seeds which attracts a wider array of bird species.
- Great for hanging hopper, tube, and nyjer feeders which are effective in attracting smaller birds like finches, chickadees, titmice, and juncos.
- Or try a suet basket for attracting nuthatches, woodpeckers, and starlings.
- A great gift idea for parents, nature lovers and children.
- Maintaining the feeding station by ensuring it is well stocked becomes an enjoyable activity that's great for keeping elderly busy or teaching young ones responsibility.
- The feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from feeding hungry animals is priceless.

GrayBunny Quality
- Rust resistant, sturdy steel construction.
- Easily adjust components to any desired location by loosening and tightening wing nut by hand. No tools required!
- Designed by the brightest minds, utilizing only the highest quality materials and expert manufacturing methodologies, GrayBunny offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care.

"No Worries" Guarantee
If you'd like your money back within 1 year of purchase, no worries. Just ask.

Click the "Add to Cart" button on top to be on your way towards enjoying nature from the comfort of your home!

List Price: £5.97
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £5.97   
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By: GrayBunny.  

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