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How to plant peonies video with Thompson & Morgan
Whether you are growing tree peonies or herbaceous peonies, planting peonies at the correct depth will ensure masses of beautiful blooms for many years to ...


How to Grow Peonies (Paeonia)
Http:// How to grow Peonies. How to plant Peonies. Where to use Peonies.Requirements of the Peony. When to plant Peonies. Peony ...


Peony propagation, rejuvenation, care
Peony (Latin Paeónia) is a genus of herbaceous perennials and deciduous shrubs (tree-like peonies). Peonies usually bloom in late spring, are appreciated by ...


How to Make Gum Paste Peony Flowers
Learn how to make trendy gum paste peony flowers using the new gum paste cut-out set. Tips, tools and ingredients listed below. Want more tips? Subscribe: ...


Dividing Peonies
Fall is the time to divide your peonies. These tips can apply to all your different types of peonies. Once divided you can share them with friends and family.


Tree Peony // Garden Answer
Tree Peony - Lime - (Use this if you have acidic soil) Bio-Tone - (Use this when you plant) ...


Beautiful Peony Flower using Le Beau Cakes 'Easy Peony Cutters available from


How to use the FMM Easiest Peony Ever with Leaf Cutter
These cutters have been designed to make the easiest and quickest sugar peonies ever! Create stunning peonies that can be used on cakes and cupcakes to ...


How To Draw: A Peony | Step By Step Tutorial | Patreon Exclusive Sample Video
Hey guys! 🤗 This video is a sample of one the many exclusive tutorials available on my Patreon every month. I wanted to share this with you guys to give a better ...


Standard Gumpaste Peony - Part 1
How to make a standard gumpaste peony. This tutorial has been split into 2 parts. If you struggle to make a peony or don't have the time you can purchase them ...


Peony plants and supports from Suttons in UK

Peony Plant - Red Charm
Glossy, long-lasting, ball-shaped blooms, in a deep shade of red, held on stiff stems. Sweet-spicy fragrance! Flowers May-June. Height 80-90cm (31-35).
9.99 GBP    
Peony Plant - Duchesse de Nemours
Huge, pure white, fragrant, bowl-shaped flower heads. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers June-July. Height 80-90cm (31-35).
7.99 GBP    
Peony Plant - Sarah Bernhardt
Enormous, fragrant, double rose-pink flowers. Popular since Edwardian times. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers June-July. Height 90-100cm (35-39).
7.99 GBP    

Peony plants and supports for sale on Amazon UK

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