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How to fit radiator boosters - energy saving guide


Radiator Booster (Maplin N82NL)
Radiator Booster (Maplin N82NL) Buy it here: • Heats your room faster - saving energy and reducing your ...


ZapCarbon Radiator Booster Review
ZapCarbon Radiator Booster Review. We tested a Radiator Booster to see whether it lived up to it claims. The Radiator Booster was supplied by Nigels eco ...


Radiator Booster
How to use a Radiator Booster, and save up to £140 a year cut your heating bills and get warmer rooms ...


Radfan VS. Radiator Booster
Simon and Roland compare two radiator fans, their innovative Radfan and the Radiator Booster, find out which is better for adding more warmth to your home ...


homemade radiator booster
Homemade radiator booster easy to make if you got the tools :) if you got kids remember to put a fan Gard on it@@@@@ there a photo ...


RadAirMax - Boost the heat output from radiator by upto 70%
The Professional Solution For Radiator Boosting. Increase the thermal power output of standard double panel radiators with retrofitted, discrete low power fans.


Radiator Booster


Home Radiator Hot Air Booster


Radiator Booster MK3
The Radiator Booster MK3 helps you save money on your household heating bills. Sitting atop household radiators, the Radiator Booster disperses trapped heat ...

Radiator Boosters for sale on Amazon UK

Radfan Classic - Low Power Radiator Fan
Most of the warmth in a room is sat at the ceiling, leaving you feeling colder than you should. The Radfan solves this problem by redirecting the flow of warm air straight out in to your room. The Radfan is a low power fan unit that secures by magnets to the top of any central heating radiator and redirects the flow of warm air horizontally out into the room. The Radfan lets you put the warmth where you want it making you feel warmer and more comfortable for no extra cost on your heating bill.
List Price: £39.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £39.94   
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A Radiator Booster is an innovative, lightweight product that uses a small fan to draw heat from a standard radiator, gently distributing it better into the room. It will warm a room faster, save lost energy, and reduce heating bills.
List Price: £24.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £24.99   
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2016 model - Low Power Radiator Fan (wind deflector) for home radiator - More airflow, low noise level, Reduce heat lost
What kind of room is this this product suitable for? The standard radiator fan works best in small living rooms and home offices, bringing you warmth where you want it in minutes. A good fit The fan fits most kinds of radiators including single panel, double panel, single panel with convector, double panel with convector, double panel with double convector and grill top and fixes easily to the top of the radiator with magnets. Check out the dimensions below to make sure it'll fit. You can buy more section to fit on double or trouble long radiators. •Length: 51 cm / 21" •Height (overall): 11.5 cm / 4.5" •Height needed to fit (above radiator): 8 cm / 3.2" •Depth (overall): 10 cm / 3.9" •Depth needed to fit (from front face of radiator to wall behind): 8 cm / 3.2" •Cable length: 3 m / 9' 10" Noise level Using just 2 integrated fans to keep you feeling warm and cosy, you shouldn't notice more than a gentle humming sound when your home is quiet. 2016 model with 3 levels of fan speeds options and wind deflector. You can choose low level when you sleep and high level when you need to heat the room fast. Warmer home guarantee A warmer home or your money back? Now that's the kind of deal we like. We hope your purchase will leave you with that warm, fuzzy feeling, but if you're not happy with fan, we'll give you a refund.
List Price: £49.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £34.49   
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3 Metre Extension Cable for a Radiator Booster
Radiator Boosters come with a 1.8m cable, but if that's not long enough this 3 metre extension lead will do the trick.
List Price: £5.69
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £5.69   
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