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Rake Multiplayer Part 1: HE'S CLIMBIN' IN YO WINDOWS!!!!
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What If The Rake Was Real?
What If The Rake Was Real? *NEW* CHANNEL - Fortnite Central: If you're a fan of reading creepypasta, fictional stories of the dark and ...


5 Terrifying RAKE Sightings Caught on Camera
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The Rake Caught on Tape in House
This footage was sent to us by a man claiming that he captured video footage of The Rake inside his house. Take a look and decide for yourself. Does this video ...


24 HOUR BOX FORT RAKE TRAP!! 😱📦 Scary Abandoned Tunnel Challenge
24 HOUR ABANDONED TUNNEL BOX FORT Challenge catching the rake with our box fort rake trap! in this video Jake and Logan build the biggest box fort ...


In todays scary video we decided exploring the haunted tunnel would be a good idea. We headed into the woods on a ghost hunting mission to the scary tunnel ...


NOW THERE ARE 4 | Rake Multiplayer Part 1
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The Rake
The car was traced. *holds out hand in preparation for severing*. ~ Pictures made using Gimp ~ Recorded using Windows Movie Maker 8 ~ Edited using ...


The Rake | The Scariest & Most Mysterious Creepypasta Monster | Documentary
Your Ultimate Creepy Playlist! ▻▻ Slender Man | The Documentary! ▻▻ ...


The Rake - A short film inspired by the Creepypasta tale
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Garden Rakes from Suttons in UK

Adjustable Garden Rake
This adjustable lawn rake allows for an adjustment in length from 125cm to 160cm. As the rake is lengthened the tines of the rake spread further apart to give better spread over the raking area.
9.99 GBP    
Greenman Lawn Rake
Like all Greenman quality garden tools, this stylish and well-made rake will give you many years of faithful service. Ideal for people with bad backs, it features a long-reach sculpted ash handle, with a tapered waist and a knobbed end. Perfectly balanced and a pleasure to use, ideal for removing thatch from lawns and raking up grass clippings. The ...
39.99 GBP    
Greenman Garden Rake
Inspired by the tools from his grandfather's shed, this range of stylish and exceedingly well made tools not only look beautiful, but will perform superbly too. They have been built with the gardener in mind, the way tools used to be in years gone by, before many traditional methods were abandoned in favour of mass manufacturing. The handles are ma ...
29.99 GBP    

Garden Rakes for sale on Amazon UK

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