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What I wish I knew when I started with SmartThings
It's been two years since I first bought SmartThings. Since then, I've learned a lot of tips and tricks for how to automate your home efficiently. In this video, I'll ...


My SmartThings Smart Home Set Up!
Get started with Smartthings // Subscribe // ------- What Stuff Do I Use?


SmartThings v3 Review & New Sensors - Comparing v3 vs v2
SmartThings v3 hub is only slightly different than v2, but the new sensors have some big updates. We compare and test SmartThings v3 vs v2 sensors and hubs ...


New Year, New Smart Home with Samsung SmartThings!
Happy New Year! Now that 2019 is here, it is time to upgrade my Smart Home! Using Samsung SmartThings to add a bunch of upgrades including smart lights, ...


15 Creative SmartThings Ideas for Automating Your Home
SmartThings Ideas FULL ARTICLE: 🤓 SmartThings on Amazon: (affiliate) ...


My Smartthings Home Automation Set Up
Went a little more in depth on my Smartthings connected house! Follow me on Facebook!


GOLDEN HOUSEHOLD HACKS Here is an ultimate collection of lifehacks to make your everyday life much easier. Sometimes the simplest tips can make life ...


SmartThings: Official Introduction
Managing multiple devices is nothing to fear. Control all your devices in one place with SmartThings. Learn more:


Light Switch Hack for a SmartThings Home
I upgraded a smart home light switch by replacing a very obvious stuck on push button with a modified switch integrating a smart push button from Xiaomi with a ...


Samsung SmartThings


Smart Things for sale on Amazon UK

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