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The Sneeboer & Zn 10-tines Garden Rake
Toby Musgrave showing the 10-tines Garden Rake from Sneeboer & Zn.


Sneeboer Garten Gerate auf Galileo. Edelspaten , die gebruders Sneeboer sind schwere jungens! Stimmt das schau mal selbe an.


Hoe wordt een product van Sneeboer gemaakt? Het antwoord vind je in deze video waarin je een kijkje achter de schermen neemt bij Sneeboer.


Sneeboer Tools for the New Gardener
Sneeboer Tools for the New Gardener.


Sneeboer Tools for Transplanting
Sneeboer Tools for Transplanting.


Sneeboer bulb planter
The Timber Sneeboer Bulb Planter is an essential tool when planting large quantities of bulbs as the clever cone design with easy to use long handle will certainly make light work of any bulb...


Sneeboer Large Spade
The Sneeboer Large Spade brings pedigree and reputation to the garden in equal measures - and whether you're turning over an allotment, vegetable patch or decorative border, this spade really...


Http:// In this second film on Christmas Presents for gardeners I focus exclusively on Sneeboer Tools. I make no apology for this as in my opinion they are the best...


Sneeboer Tools from Harrod Horticultural in UK

Short Fat Trowel By Sneeboer
This High Quality Garden Trowel Is Perfectly Balanced Making It Extremely Comfortable To Use. The Hand Forged Stainless Steel Blade Is Strong And Sharp Making Light Work Of Many Gardening Tasks. The Strong Cherrywood Handle Will Slowly Shape To The Hand Over Time And Will Last For Years. The Trowel Makes An Excellent Gift For Any Keen Gardener.snee ...
35.95 GBP    
Heart Shaped Trowel By Sneeboer
The Heart Shaped Trowel Features A Hand Forged Stainless Steel Blade Along With A Strong Cherrywood Handle, Not Only Does It Look Good But Its Also A Very Practical Tool.the Trowel Is Very Popular As A Gift, Making A Novel Present For Any Keen Gardener And Given The Superb Quality Of The Tool And The 10 Year Guarantee It Will Last A Long Time Too.s ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Steel Snow Shovels
Although Working Up A Sweat Clearing Snow Is One Of Winters Little Pleasures, The 1.4m Long Ash Handle And 40cm Wide By 20cm Deep Steel Blade Of The Sneeboer Snow Shovel Will Get Snow Shifted In Double Quick Time, Leaving Your Paths And Driveways Safe For Walking On. robust And Durable Enough To Leave Plastic Snow Clearing Shovels In The Shade, The ...
25.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Dutch Hoe
The Sneeboer Dutch Hoe Is - Unsuprisingly - A Design Of Garden Hoe Born In The Netherlands And Now Popular With Gardeners Around The World, Thanks In The Main To The Forward Facing 14cm Wide Blade Which Slices Through Established And Seedling-stage Weeds.the Ash Handle Of The Dutch Hoe Is Both Strong, Smooth And Long Enough To Give You Enough Lever ...
52.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Pull Hoe
The Sneeboer Pull Hoe - Also Known As A Draw Hoe - Is The Last Thing Any Garden Weeds Want To See Slung Over Your Shoulder As The Slanted Blade Makes Mincemeat Of Weeds, Copes Easily With Hard Ground And Can Even Be Used For Earthing Up Vegetables And Making Shallow Sowing Trenches.boasting A 15cm Wide Slanted And Sharpened Stainless Blade, The Pul ...
52.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Hand Tool Gift Boxes
The Sneeboer Hand Tool Gift Box Makes A Great Present Even Better By Adding The Finishing Touch To Your Gardening Gift Of A Renowned Sneeboer Hand Tool.the Gift Boxes Have A Smooth Touch Finish And The Classic Colour Combination Of Blue And With Gold Lettering Really Adds To The Whole Gift Experience. The Sneeboer Hand Tool Gift Box Is Supplied Wit ...
4.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Push Hoe
The Sneeboer Push Hoe Is Four Times More Likely To Give Your Garden Weeds The Chop As The 15cm Wide Stainless Steel Blade Is Sharpened On All Four Surfaces, Giving Weeds No Hiding Place.the Long Ash Handle Deservedly Gives The Push Hoe The Title Of 176cm Of Weeding Excellence As The Combination Of Hand Forged Stainless Steel Blade And Shaft And Han ...
52.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Dandelion Weeder
Dandelions And Other Tap Rooted Lawn Imposters Will Be Running Scared From The 21cm Long And 3cm Wide Blade Of The Sneeboer Dandelion Weeder Which Handles Long Rooted Weeds With Ease From Lawns Without Disturbing The Surrounding Area.the Stainless Steel Blade - Sharpened On Both Sides And On The Tip - Does The Damage, Ably Assisted By The Cherry Wo ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Transplanting Spade
The Sneeboer Transplanting Spade Is A Unique, Robust V-shaped Tool Designed For Transplanting Trees And Shrubs And To Protect Surrounding Plants. Fitted With A Fine Quality Ash Handle And Complete With Shoe/boot Protectors.forged By Hand To A Unique Design With V-shaped Blade, The Sneeboer Transplanting Spade Will Not Slip From The Roots, As The Sh ...
94.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Hand Hoe/weeder
Manoeuvre With Confidence Through Your Beds In Search Of Weeds With The Easily Navigable Sneeboer Hand Hoe/weeder, Before Removing The Imposters With The 4cm Wide By 6cm Deep Blade.with A Carefully Curved 20cm Long Neck - Hand Forged In Holland In The Traditional Sneeboer Way - Between The Cherry Wood Handle And The Blade, The Hoe Can Easily Reach ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Dandelion Spade
Most Gardeners Are Passionate About Their Lawns, And Thats Why Sneeboer Have Designed And Developed - With Their Legendary Skill And Experience - The Dandelion Spade.theres No Disguising The Fact That A Beautifully Maintained Green Sward Adds So Much To The Garden Vista But Unfortunately, It Only Takes A Few Misplaced Dandelions (and Other Weeds) T ...
54.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Ladies Spade
The Sneeboer Ladies Spade Is An Effective Smaller Garden Spade Which - Despite The Rather Specific Name - Is Suitable For Gardeners Of Both Sexes With A Vegetable Border Or Bed To Dig Over, A Trench To Excavate Or Turf To Slice Through.measuring 106cm Overall And Boasting A 15cm Wide Stainless Steel Blade At The Business End, The Ladies Spade Is Id ...
92.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Pointed Spade
The Sneeboer Pointed Spade Is A Traditional Design But All Those Years Of History Havent Dulled The Effectiveness Of This Extremely Effective Spade; Boring Into Difficult Ground Isnt A Problem And Neither Is Navigating Around Crowded With All Full Size Sneeboer Tools, The Pointed Garden Spade Is Manufactured With A Longer Handle To Help ...
94.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Timber Bulb Planter
When Youve Got Plenty Of Bulbs To Plant - Just Think Of Think Of That Colour Explosion A Few Months Down The Line - Then The Sneeboer Bulb Planter Really Steps Up To The Plate.just Insert The 12.5cm Deep, 6cm Diameter Stainless Steel Cone It Into The Ground Where You Want To Plant Your Bulbs, Lift Out The Clod Of Earth, Pop Your Bulb Into The Hole, ...
78.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe
The Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe Is A Unique Garden Hoe, Designed In Sneeboers Centenary Year, With Innovative Teeth On The Front Of The Blade, Hook On The Reverse And Specially Designed Handle For Outstanding Performance.the Teeth On The Blade Increase The Surface Of The Blade By 35% And Also Concentrate The Energy Making Entry Into The Soil, Especial ...
58.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Hand Fork
This Little Sneeboer Hand Fork Is One Of Those Rare Tools That Youll Never Be Able To Manage Without Once Youve Used One; The Three High Quality Steel Tines Are Tough Enough To Dig And Cultivate Soils Of All Types And Conditions.the 12.5cm Long Tines Of The Sneeboer Hand Fork Are Hand-forged In The Finest Stainless Steel Before Being Individually S ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Short Fat Trowel
The Sneeboer Short Fat Trowel With A 15cm Blade And A Cherrywood Handle Is Our Most Popular Trowel And Is Perfect For Planting, Digging, Potting - In Fact Almost All Garden Tasks.this Perfectly Weighted And Balanced Garden Trowel Features A Hand Forged Stainless Steel Blade And A Strong Cherrywood Handle That Will Last For Years. the Sneeboer Short ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Long Handled Half Moon Hoe
Stretching On Tip-toe To Hoe Inaccessible Borders And Beds Can Be A Thing Of The Past With This Recently Designed Sneeboer Long Handled Half Moon Hoe, A Firm Favourite On Uts Debut At The Rhs Chelsea Flower Show.the 147cm Long Ash Handle Of The Long Handled Half Moon Hoe Gives You A Real Chance Of Reaching Crafty Weeds In The Middle Of Borders, Whi ...
43.50 GBP    
Sneeboer Long Thin Trowel
The Sneeboer Long Thin Trowel Is Ideal For Planting Out Long Rooted Seedlings And Plants Like Sweet Peas When You Require A Deep Narrow Planting Hole, Also Extremely Useful For Removing Tap Rooted Weeds (like Dandelions) And Reaching Into Difficult Area In The Garden For General Can Make Your Sneeboer Long Thin Trowel (aka The Dandelion ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Long Handled Fork And Mattock
Occasionally The Garden Requires Some Heavy Work In Difficult Conditions So The Sneeboer Long Handled Fork And Mattock Is Perfect For The Job; Tough Enough To Cope With Almost All Soil Types And Situations.this Ingenious Sneeboer Design Pairs A Robust Mattock Blade With A Sharp, Three-tined Fork In A 23cm Wide Head, Allowing You To Both Break Up Th ...
67.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Long Handled Ladies Hoe
Although The Title Insists Its One For The Ladies, This Sneeboer Long Handled Ladies Hoe Has So Many Uses (combining The Accuracy Of A Hand Tool With The Reach Of A Full Sized Hoe) We Are Sure That The Man Of The Garden Will Be Soon Be Raiding The Potting Shed To Find It.sneeboer Long Handled Ladies Hoe Combines The Accuracy Of A Hand Tool With The ...
39.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Tough Weeder (wrotter)
The Sneeboer Tough Weeder, Wrotter Or Dandelion Weeder As It Is Ofton Known Is A Great Solution To Weeding Around Established Plants In Crowded Borders And Pots.wrotter Is An Old Dutch Word Which Simply Means Tough Worker And Perfectly Describes This Tough Little Hand Weeding Tool. hand Forged From Stainless Steel With A Hardwearing Cherry Wood Han ...
26.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Weed Gouger
The Sneeboer Weed Gouger Is Perfect For Getting To Those Difficult Tap Root Weeds And Digging Dandelions Out Of The Lawn Without Making A Crater - The Secret Of The Gouger Is In The Inverted V Shaped Blade Which Takes No Nonsense From Tap Roots And Heavy Soil.measuring 39cm Overall, The Weed Gouger Shouts Quality From The Handle Right Down To That ...
29.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Hand Trowel
The Tried And Trusted Sneeboer Combination Of Hand Forged Stainless Steel Head And Rock Solid Cherrywood Handle Goes A Long Way To Ensure The Sneeboer Hand Trowel Will Carry Out Out Its Many Garden Duties For Decades And The Trowel Is Also A Gift Any Gardener Would Love To Receive - And You Can Now Make Your Present Extra Special By Including A Per ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Rh Potting Trowel
This Specially Designed Potting Trowel Is A Pleasure To Use As Its Clever Design Helps You To Pot Up Even In Tight Areas Without Spilling The Soil. this Hand Forged Trowel From Sneeboer Has A Stainless Steel Head And Comfortable Wooden Handle And Weighing Only 180g Makes It Very Comfortable To Use. designed For Right Handed Users This Clever Trowel ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Two Pronged Weeder
The Potent-looking And Extremely Effective Sneeboer Two-pronged Weeder Loosens The Earth Around The Roots, Enabling The Weeds To Be Removed With Ease.the Dual Prongs Of The Sneeboer Weeder Form An Effective Twin Spearhead Against Weeds, Driving Through And Loosening Even The Most Magnetic Of Clay Soil Anbd Allowing Tap Rooted Weeds To Be Removed Co ...
34.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Hand Hoe
The Sneeboer Hand Hoe May Be Small In Size (the Blade Is An Easily Driveable 10cm Wide) But Its Crafted To Yield Tremendous Strength For Slicing Weeds Beneath The Surface Of Small, Or Dense Flower And Vegetable Beds, As Well As Cultivating The Soil.its These Attributes, Married To The Renowned Hand Forging From Stainless Steel, Sneeboer History And ...
35.95 GBP    
Set Of 3 Sneeboer Hand Tools
The Set Of 3 Sneeboer Hand Tools Comprises The Popular Short Fat Trowel, Versatile Hand Fork And The Very Useful Weed Gouger - And Our Special Offer Of All Three Of These Potting Shed And Tool Rack Essentials Provides A Great Saving Compared To Purchasing The Tools Individually.set Of 3 Sneeboer Hand Tools Consist Of Short Fat Trowel, Hand Fork And ...
94.85 GBP    
Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hand Hoe
Shortlisted For Rhs Chelsea Flower Show Product Of The Year 2016, This Versatile Hand Hoe Has A Curved Head Which Makes It Easy To Weed Between Plants In Confined Spaces. a Simple Backwards And Forwards Motion Removes Weeds Effortlessly And Because Of The Design Of The Tool It Works On The Surface Of The Soil Without Digging In, Reducing Soil Compa ...
37.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Large Spade
The Sneeboer Large Spade Brings Pedigree And Reputation To The Garden In Equal Measures - And Whether Youre Turning Over An Allotment, Vegetable Patch Or Decorative Border, This Spade Really Delivers.forged By Hand To A Design Created To Suit The Dutch Market Gardeners Of West Friesland Almost A Hundred Years Ago, The Large Spade Comes With A Solid ...
94.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Digging Fork
Reckoned To Be The Best Sneeboer Have Ever Produced, This Digging Fork Is Lighter Than Previous Models (it Weighs In At 2kg) But Is Heavy Duty Enough To Cope With Digging Over The Largest Of Beds.the Overall Length Of This Ergonomically Superior Digging Fork Is 117cm And The 24cm Flat Tines Will Slice Through The Most Compacted Soil.sneeboer Diggin ...
98.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Ultimate Flowerbed Trowel
The Ingenious Narrowing 16cm Blade Of The Sneeboer Ultimate Flowerbed Trowel Allows For Accurate Planting And Transplanting Of Young Plants Without Damaging Any Existing Specimens Nearby.every Gardener Wants To Work With Quality Tools, And Once You Have Used The Sneboer Ultimate Flowerbed Trowel - And Any Sneeboer Tool For That Matter - You Wont Wa ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Mini Greenhouse Tools
The Three Small Sharp Hand Forged Teeth Of The Sneeboer Greenhouse Cultivator Are Designed To Loosen The Soil So That The Earth Can Absorb Light, Air And Water And The Hand Forged Mini Sneeboer Greenhouse Trowel Is Perfectly Designed For All Your Delicate Greenhouse Tasks.hand Forged Stainless Steel Mini Greenhouse Cultivator And Trowelash Handles ...
19.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Raised Bed Cultivator
We Can Think Of Three Good Reasons Why The Sneeboer Raised Bed Cultivator Should Be First Choice For Your Raised Bed Cultivations - And Each Is Made From Stainless Steel, Sharpened To A Point And Rip Through Soil With Ease!measuring 9cm Deep, The Business End Of The Sneeboer Raised Bed Cultivator Features Those Three Stainless Steel Tines Which Car ...
36.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Raised Bed Hoe
Another Member Of The Popular Sneeboer Raised Bed Tools Stable, The Sneeboer Raised Bed Hoe Glides Precisely Through Typically Dense Raised Bed Plants To Chop Off Weeds With Ease.this Very Navigable 78cm Long Hoe Carries A 10 Year Guarantee On The All Important 18cm Long Stainless Steel Head And As The Pull Hoe Blade Is Only 4cm Wide, Plants Will B ...
34.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Ground Elder Fork
The Sneeboer Ground Elder Fork Is A Versatile Garden Fork With Gently Curved Tines Ideal For Digging Up Ground Elder But This Little Fork Is Also Extremely Useful For A Vast Array Of Garden Tasks Where Care And Attention Are Paramount.theres No Escaping The Fact The Design Is Particularly Suited To Removing The Deep Roots Of Ground Elder But The Ge ...
58.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Perennial Spade
So Called Because It Was Designed To Divide Perennial Shrubs, The Dwarf-sized Sneeboer Perennial Spade Is A Welcome And Most Useful Addition To Any Garden. measuring 55cm Overall, The Pointed Perennial Spade Is Equally Suited To Dividing Shrubs, Lifting Bulbs, Digging Planting Holes And Generally Working In Areas Where A Full Size Spade Would Be To ...
51.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Heart Shaped Trowel
This Thoughtfully Designed, 26cm Long Sneeboer Heart Shaped Trowel Combines A Fine Cherrywood Handle With A Very Sharp Point Making It Ideal For Bulb Planting, Digging Out Stones, Drawing Out Drills And Numerous Other Garden And Cultivation Tasks. but By Far The Most Popular Use For This Very Attractive Design Is As A Gift, Especially As You Can Ch ...
35.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Long Handled Fork
The Long Handled Sneeboer Fork Is Designed For Working On Your Beds Or Borders With The Minimum Of Effort Thanks To The Extended Ash Handle, Consigning Back Ache And Straining To The Past!the Delicate And Dexterous 10cm Long Tines Of The Hand-sized Fork Contrast With The 95cm Long Ash Handle Which Gives You Both The Power To Dig And Extended Reach ...
44.95 GBP    
Sneeboer 3 Tine Long Handled Cultivator
This Long Handled Sneeboer 3 Tine Cultivator With Three Hand Forged Blades Makes Light Work Of Breaking Up Soil. Ideal To Use Before Planting Or Sowing Or When Soil Gets Really Compacted.a Cultivator Is A Tined Tool Designed To Be Drawn Through The Soil Towards The User, The Angled Tines Making The Pulling Motion That Much Easier. the Purpose Of Th ...
52.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Ladies Fork
Dont Think The Sneeboer Ladies Fork Is Exclusively For Female Gardeners; This Perfectly Proportioned And Exceptionally Well-balanced 4-tine Stainless Steel Fork Will Be Coveted By Gentleman And Lady Gardeners Alike!hand Forged In Holland From Stainless Steel And Fitted With An Immaculately Prepared Ash Handle, The Ladies Fork Measures 112cm (38") I ...
93.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Gravel Rake
Make Your Gravel Driveway Or Garden Paths The Envy Of The Neighbours With The Sneeboer Gravel Rake; Boasting A Motorway Wide 55cm Head And 14 Sharpened Stainless Steel Teeth, This Rake Will Leave Your Gravel As Flat As A Carpet.the Gravel Rake May Have Teeth Like A Shark But Its No Beast To Use As The 155cm Solid Ash Handle Allows You To Draw The R ...
84.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Lawn Edger
This Traditional Sneeboer Lawn Edger Has A Solid Ash Handle, A Large Grip Making It Very Comfortable To Use, A Sharp Stainless Blade Which Cuts Through Turf With Ease - And Will Make An Impressive Addition To Any Lawn-loving Gardeners Shed.the Stainless Blade Of The Lawn Edger Cuts Easily Through Turfsolid Ash Handlelarge Grip For Comfortable Useha ...
79.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Narrow Tine Rake - 10 Tine
Remove Stones And Other Unwanted Debris From Seed Beds With The Sneeboer Narrow Tine Rake Which, With A 24cm Wide Head Supporting 10 Sharp Tines, Will Soon Become A Firm Favourite In The Potting Shed!the Usual High Quality Sneeboer Ash Handle Measures An Impressive 1.47m In Length- Gaining Approval From Your Back! - And The Sharp 6cm Long Tines Are ...
65.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Rake
The Traditional Fine Toothed Sneeboer Rake Is Ideal For Preparing Seed Beds, Raking Borders, Preparing Areas For Turf And Plenty More Garden Tasks - And The Long Handle And And 8 Sharp Tines Make This Rake A Pleasure To Work With.the Ash Handle Of The Sneeboer Rake Is Long Enough To Allow Gardeners Of All Sizes To Rake In Comfort And The 8 Teeth Wh ...
61.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Hand Rake
The Sneeboer Hand Rake Is Perfect For Tidying Up And Preparing Small Beds And Borders For Seed, Working Away Effectively In Areas A Larger Rake Would Find Impossible.perfect For Carefully Navigating Around Plants In Crowded Mid-season Borders Or Tilling And Cultivating Small Sections Of Soil Ready For Seed Sowing, The 45cm Long Hand Fork Is Manufac ...
39.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Narrow Long Handled Rake
The Practical Sneeboer Narrow Long Handled Rake Has A Multitude Of Uses In The Garden And The Narrow Rake Head (10cm Wide With 8cm Deep Tines), In Tandem With The Long Handle (174cm Overall), Allows For Accurate Work From A Distance.the Narrow Rake Is Suitable For All Regular Garden Tasks Such As Cultivating, Raking, Removing Weeds And Spreading Mu ...
49.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Large Tool Rack
Say Goodbye To Tool Storage Problems With The Help Of The Sneeboer Large Tool Rack; A Wall-mounted, Top Quality Pine And Beech Wooden Rack Which Can Be Easily Fixed Up In A Potting Shed Or Tool Store And Which Will Hold Four Large T Handled Sneeboer Garden Tools.the 10cm Deep By 60cm Wide Rack Is Supplied Without Fixings But Is Simple To Install An ...
15.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Leaf Rakes
These Sneeboer Leaf Rakes Make Clearing Up Fallen Leaves, Petals And Other Garden Debris A Breeze - And With A 20 Tine, 37cm Wide Head Model And A 15cm Wide 7 Tined Version Both Available, Theres No Longer Anywhere For Leaves To Hide In The Garden! both Leaf Rakes Carry A 5 Year Guarantee On The Stainless Steel Head, The Fsc Ash Wood 25mm Diameter ...
37.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Hand Rake
Boasting Seven Stainless Steel Tines And A Cherry Wood Handle, This Sneeboer Hand Rake Will See You Through Plenty Of Leaf Clearing Autumn Autumn Seasons; And Its Not Only Fallen Leaves This Tidy Little Rake Is Useful For As You Can Add Soil Aerating And Light Cultivating To Its Cv Too!the 12cm Wide Head Stainless Steel Head Carries A 5 Year Guaran ...
19.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Raised Bed 7 Tine Rake
The Sneeboer Raised Bed 7 Tine Rake Is Your Doorway To Fine Tilth In Your Raised Beds And With 7 Stainless Steel Tines Doing The Hardwork Over A 10.5cm Wide Area, The Rake Is Ideal For Working In The Close Confines Of A Raised Fsc Approved 84cm Long Ash Wood Handle Allows You To Steer The Rake Accurately And With Those All-important 5.5cm De ...
18.95 GBP    
Sneeboer Lawn Aerator
A Good Looking Lawn Is The Key To Your Gardens General Appearance And Youll Be Rewarded For A Stint With The Sneeboer Lawn Aerator By A Glorious Green Carpet! combine Innovative Design With Traditional Hand Forging Methods And The Result Is A Tool To Be Proud Of - And One Which Helps Breath New Life Into Heavily Compacted And Well-used Areas Of Gra ...
89.95 GBP    

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