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8 Best Nut and Bolt Extractors 2017
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tightening and loosening nuts with socket wrench


How to Remove Rounded Nuts and Bolts, Go2 Socket Review
The Go2 Socket goes on a ratchet like a socket, it changes sizes like a crescent wrench, and it clamps down like a vise. It will grip rounded bolts, nuts, and even studs. Pretty much anything...


socket adapter for fast removal of nuts and bolts
Are you looking to remove fasteners like nuts and bolts quickly? I use this socket adapter in a drill and I have to say it is one of my favorite tools allowing me to use sockets on my drill....


Gator Grip 7-19mm Multi-function Hand Tools Universal Repair Tools with Handle
Diameter 25 mm, suit for 7-19mm nut and most irregular shape.Adapter size: 3/8 inch, length 5cm. Features : The one socket fits fasteners of almost...


Grip tite socket review
Grip tite sockets are quite unique in the fact that they have hardened steel teeth inside of the socket. These teeth grip the flats on the nut or bolt head which means you can remove rounded...


How a Gator Grip Universal Socket Works, Strengths and Weaknesses
This video shows how a Gator Grip bit works, including a demonstration with different driving situations. Buy the name-brand Gator Grip on Amazon for $14: The one I...


Go2 Socket Adjustable Bolt Remover Tool (Rounded or Damaged Nut Extractor)
A tool that perfectly adjusts to whatever size nut or bolt, as long as its between 10 mm - 20 mm. made specifically for removal of damaged hardware . A great addition to the shop!


Sockets & Socket Wrenches - What You Need To Know
Show and tell of basic required sockets and socket wrenches for apprentice mechanics and novice gear-heads. Plus some other neat stuff. Transcript provided for the hearing impaired: Today...


How to Remove Stripped Screws and Stripped Nuts FAST
Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates how to remove stripped nuts and stripped screws quickly, using a stripped screw extraction kit and a damaged bolt/nut remover set. Get the broken bolt...


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