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How Do Fire Sprinklers Know There's A Fire?
There's a big fire in the building and suddenly all the sprinklers turn on -- that's not really how works. Let science extinguish this myth. How Fire Burns in Space -


Best Lawn Sprinkler Review - The Impact Sprinkler
Lawn Sprinkler - Impact or Impulse are the best sprinklers for watering the lawn and here are 3 reasons why in this video. Here are a couple links to high quality impact sprinklers: Metal Base...


Fire sprinkler test with water
Fire sprinkler test. You may have seen "tests" with just the sprinkler, or the sprinkler, water and a lighter, even a burning rag on a stick, but none show a close up, with a real uncontrolled...


Dance a Day - The Sprinkler
Jaxie Knievel teaches you "The Sprinkler." Then he starts a ruckus.


How to Install In-Ground Sprinklers - This Old House
This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to water your lawn and garden—automatically. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This...


How to Make a Garden Sprinkler
Need to water your garden? Make this simple garden water sprinkler. Works great and it's a fun way to recycle a plastic bottle. Other Videos: How to cool your drink:


Landmark Sprinkler Aircraft Hangar Foam Fire Suppression Test
Helicopter hangar high expansion foam test. Designed by Landmark Sprinkler, Inc (Lexington, KY) with equipment provided by Vulcan Fire Systems (Louisville, KY). Test performed by Ansul on...


Home Fire Sprinkler Live Burn Demonstration by Las Vegas Fire Department
Two identical rooms furnished the same, one equipped with a residential fire sprinkler system and one without, are set on fire to show the dramatic difference fire sprinklers make on preserving...


Testing sprinkler head
MEP testing


Moving Sprinkler Heads
Step by step instructions for moving lawn sprinkler heads to achieve better coverage. Tips for installing and adjusting Rain Bird R17-24 VAN nozzles are also covered.


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