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Standby Generators for sale on Amazon USA

Deckey Air Purifier Portable Ozone Air Cleaner USB Charger Suit for Car Refrigerator Home Office 
1.Although the Ozone concentration reaches the national safe standard, when the product working, the smell of ozone maybe make people feel uncomfortable, therefore, it is recommended to use it when no one is present.
2.Power-Saving cycle working - just press ON/OFF button(one fulled charging will work over 36 hours). Starts working with the LED indicator light stays blue. After working for one minute, it automatically enter standby mode, the LED light changes into the breathing light(lighten and darken gradually), 30 seconds on, 5 minutes off, automatically sterilizes and adjusts the ozone concentration with low energy consumption.

Product Size: 2.36 x 5.12inch(60 x 130mm)
Applicable Space: 0.5-3 square meters
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Power supply: 2000mah 18650 lithium battery x 1
Work hours: 36h of continuous use, 6 days of daily use
Ozone output: 50 mg/h
Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

Package Contents:
1 x Ozone air purifier
1 x USB cable
1 x User Manual
List Price: $69.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $24.99   
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By: Deckey.  

Reliance Controls Corporation THP103 AmWatt Appliance Load Tester / Plug-in Ammeter and Wattmeter
Reliance Controls THP103 AMWATT Appliance Load Tester / Plug-in Ammeter and Wattmeter. Gives instant accurate reading of wattage and amperage used by household appliances. Reads from 1-1875 watts. 26" cord. cULus listed. Since 1909, Reliance Controls Corporation has contributed more innovations that any other single manufacturer and has been awarded over 85 patents on manual transfer switches, time switches and accessories. Reliance Controls Corporation specializes in the manufacturing of a wide variety of electrical products. The primary product line consists of heavy duty time clocks and controls, generator accessories, transfer switches and transfer panels for portable generators. and inverters. And after over a century of innovation, Reliance Controls Corporation has built an enviable reputation for high quality, superior engineering and exceptional customer service.
List Price: $39.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $22.99   
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By: Reliance Controls.  

Generac - ELEMENT: AIR CLEANER 999 Engines - 0G5894
Generac 0G5894 Guardian Air Filter for 20kW (999cc) Engines (Pre 2013)Your Replacement OEM Generac Filter Fits all Generac V-Twin 20kW 999 cc engines (pre 2013). Compatible with 20kW (2008-2012) air-cooled Generac, Guardian, Centurion, Watchdog, Eaton, Honeywell, and Siemens generators.This air filter is used on generator model numbers 0055060, 0055250, 0055251, 0055330, 0055390, 0056140, 0057440, 0057450, 0057690, 0058130, 0058750, 0058751, 0058870, 0058960, 0059010This is the OEM air filter that will fit most of the V-Twin 999 engines used on Generac, Guardian, Centurion, Watchdog, Eaton, Honeywell, and Siemens generators. Picture above may not reflect actual shape and size of item and always refer to your owners manual to verify correct part numbers( Used in maintenance kit 5665 , 0J57680SSM )
List Price: $14.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $7.63   
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By: Generac.  

Ainingshi Car Air Purifier Negative Ionizer Generator Air Freshener Portable Dual USB Car Adapter Aluminum Alloy for Car/Home/Office (Gold-Charger)

With Ainingshi Car Air Purifier, you can clean up the air in your car, home, and office.

How does the Ainingshi Air Purifier work?
The Ainingshi Air Purifier uses the advanced ionization process to clean the air. This is what happens: The purifier simultaneously releases anions and small amounts of cations. They then bond together in a neutralization process. As energy is released during this process, bacteria die instantaneously. The remaining negative charge from the purifier will seek out positively charged particles such as dust and bind to them causing harmful particles to subside. Ultimately, 99.9% of harmful particles in the car are purified.

Input: 12V = 1000mA
Rated power: <12W
Noise: <20db
USB output: 5V2.1A
Fan: spiral
Applicable space: <393inch
Shell: Lv alloy
Product size: 2.9*4.7*7.1inch,

Included with purchase:
1x Air Purifier
1x Car Charger
1x Plug the Charger
1x English Manual

1. When they are used, a smell slightly like the smell of soil after the rain may be produced. This is one normal phenomenon when air purifier anions are working.
2. Please keep the inlet or outlet of the product smooth and do not use other matters to cover or block it, otherwise the usage effects will be reduced.
3. When the machine is started, if the power button is pressed, the light of the outlet will be on and the machine will work automatically.
List Price: $15.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $15.99   
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By: Ainingshi.  

Kohler RXT-JFNC-200ASE 200 Amp Whole-House Indoor/Outdoor Service-Entrance-Rated Automatic Transfer Switch
The transfer switch is the brain of your Kohler home backup power system. It continuously monitors the utility power for an interruption. If utility power fails, the transfer switch automatically starts the power system, transfers the electrical loads and restores power to your home. When utility power resumes, the transfer switch reverses the process again, automatically.
List Price: $685.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $685.00   
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By: Your Other Warehouse - Lawn & Garden.  

CEP Construction Electrical Products 8706GU 6 Outlet 50-Amp Single Phase Power Box
CEP Construction Electrical Products have 30 years experience in Innovative Solutions for Construction and Industry. They specialize in electrical products for the professional construction, military, rental and entertainment industry. All of their products are made to the highest quality standards.
List Price: $439.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $439.99   
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By: CEP Construction Electrical Products.  

Upgraded Smart Air Sterilizer - Multifunction Air purifier and Deodorizer for Family Use - O3 Germs Killer, Anti-bacteria and Smoke Eliminator, Color Gold
The CareHome Multifunction Portable Travel Sterilizing Deodorizer, Germs Killer air purifier and ionizer creates O3, or ozone by an inner ozone generator though an electrical current. Ozone sanitizes the air and other stuff by breaking down odors, allergies, microorganisms and other pollutants. There¡¯s usually Ozone O3 in the air after thunderstorms, and it can clean and sterilize the air. So this multifunction reproduces nature's creation of O3 during thunderstorms, and then the ozone diffuses into the atmosphere and make everything in nature cleaned and sanitized. That is why we can feel the clean, fresh smell in the air after a thunderstorm. That's O3, or the ozone works. It purifies and sterilize the air by reproducing the nature systems without any artificial chemicals. The O3 reverts back to O2 if the O3 is not reacted, which makes it no harm or risk to human body or pets. This leaves the air fresh and clean because the source of the odor has been permanently removed. Thus this portable sanitizer/purifier can be used in room, office, wardrobes, closet, pet areas, refrigerators, cars, and smoke areas. Surely you will like it when you see it.

Power supply: rechargeable battery
Ozone release: 1mg/h
Dimensions: Package Weight: 190 grams, Size: 4.5cm x 4.7cm x 10cm (1.77in x 1.85in x 3.94in)
Package includes: Sterilizing Deodorizer x 1 , User Manual x 1 , USB cable x 1, Warranty card x 1

List Price: $99.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $39.99   
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By: carehome.  

Generac 5685 Air-Cooled Standby Generator Transport Cart
The Generator Transport Cart is designed to allow a single individual to move and position any of the air-cooled generators without the need for additional people or equipment. Large wheels and a wide handle take the strain off transportation. By attaching the cart to the generator through the lifting holes, the generator is lifted from the pallet by leverage and is easily wheeled to the appropriate location for final setting. The cart is compatible with any air-cooled Generac model.
List Price: $539.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $399.99   
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By: Generac.  

CEP GFCI Module - 20 Amp, Model# GF6095-1
This CEP GFCI Module can be used as a replacement in temporary power boxes or in power distribution boxes to eliminate electric shock hazards. OSHA Approved: Yes, Amps: 20, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 4 x 4 x 4 1/2, Application: Replacement GFCI module, Volts: 120, UL Listed: Yes
List Price: $49.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $49.99   
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By: CEP.  

Generac 6484 maintenance Kit for Home Standby Generators with 12-18 Kw, 760cc to 990cc Engines
The Generac 6484 Maintenance Kit is for standby home generators with 12-18-Kilowatt 760cc - 990cc engines. Scheduled maintenance is a necessity for all standby generators. The Generac 6484 Air Cooled Scheduled Maintenance Kit offers all the hardware necessary to perform maintenance on your Generac air-cooled generator. Maintenance is recommended every 200-hours or 2-years and if your generator is running in a dusty environment a more frequent maintenance schedule may be required. The Generac 6484 Maintenance Kit contains a pre-cleaner, air filter, oil filter, oil funnel, (2) spark plugs, chamois, instruction manual and preventative maintenance reminder sticker. Further maintenance details can be found in the generator's owners manual. Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, RV, residential, commercial and industrial generators. At Generac, we protect the things that power your life by providing quality, affordable power solutions.
List Price: $54.95
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $54.95   
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By: Generac.  

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