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Trugs (1963)
Herstmonceaux, Sussex. A story about the Smith family who make trugs, which are wooden boat shaped baskets with a handle round them. Various shots of ...


Trugs Games Match It
Learn how to play TRUGS Match It game. Learn how to read by playing games.


Trugs Games Overview
An overview of TRUGS. Learn how to read by playing games.


How to Make Trugs
Dominic Parrette deftly demonstrates how to make trugs using sweet chestnut and white willow. There are only a handful of professional trug makers working in ...


How to make Wooden Trugs from Pallet Wood
Use a single wood pallet to create two rustic trugs that can be used both in the home and garden. Use them to decorate your country kitchen or convert them into ...


Trugs Games Get It
Learn how to play TRUGS Get It game. Learn how to read by playing games.


Monkey World Tub Trugs!
Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset would like to thank all supporters who have donated tub trugs to the park - they are used in many different ways!


Royal Sussex Trugs - Originalet från 1820
Nu finns originalet från 1820-talet här i Sverige. Alla korgar är signerade och numrerade. Korgarna är tillverkade av äkta kastanj och pil från hållbara skogsbruk ...






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