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How To Make a One-Way Check Valve - For Cheap!!
The most expensive parts of a water pump, or DIY Super Soaker, are usually the check valves. In this project, we're making some from scratch, for as little as ...


How To Make a Water Pump - See Check Valves - DIY
How To Make a Water Pump - See how a manual water pump works. Understand the operation of check valves.


1/2" Brass Swing Check Valve Failure and Partial disassembly
Brass Swing check valve partially disassembled so you can see what is going on. This valve uses no o-rings or elastomer seals so there are no worn parts in this ...


The non return valve, where to fit them and why you might need one.
This little plumbing beauty saves many headaches and worries. So where does it go and why would you need one? Al explains some of the many uses for this ...


Water quality in your home - single and double check valves
Ensure your washing machine or outside tap is connected properly to avoid potential water quality issues. Find an approved plumber in your area at ...


3 Water Pump Check Valves, 7.30.13 A


Check Valve or One Way Valve - Spring Type
A quick look at a cutaway of a spring type check valve for plumbing. This type can be used in all orientations. Some check valves rely on gravity and those are ...


Brass Swing Check Valve
How a brass swing check valve works. Great for preventing backflow in air and fluid. Must be mounted in a horizontal plane for correct operation. For more ...


Is your Water Draining from your Pump or Spa When Pool Shuts Off? Solved: Change the Check Valve
The function of the Check Valve is to stop water from doing what it naturally does when the pool turns off, which is to flow in the direction of least resistance which ...


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